Monday, October 5, 2009

Did You Know Men Only Hear 20% of What Women Say?

Example #1

Scene: Setting up new lamps in the bedroom.

Me: Michael, will you check to see if we have anymore light bulbs downstairs? These lamps take 60 watts and I only see 75's.

Michael: I checked and we don't have any.

Me: Well, we can just use the 75's for now to see what they look like.

5 minutes later

Michael: Where are those other light bulbs you said you had?

Me: We don't have anymore remember you went down to check....

Michael : Oh I thought you found some?

Me: Nope

3 minutes later

Michael: Where are the 60 watts? These lamps don't take 75's.


Example #2

Scene: Cell phone conversation

Michael: I'm going to the store to get us lunch. Do you need anything else while I'm there?

Me: Are you going to Kroger's or Wal-Mart

Michael: Probably Kroger's

Me: Okay good. I need some fabric softener and they don't carry our kind at Wal-Mart. It's Downy in a navy bottle with a gray top.

10 minutes later....

Michael: Hey, I don't see that fabric softener you want.

Me: Where are you?

Michael: Wal-Mart.



  1. oh my gosh. my husband is THE EXACT SAME WAY. it's so frustrating. ugh ugh ugh

  2. PS: I am going to be posting an award for you in the next half hour. Come by soon!

  3. I think my husband catches more of what I say ... unless it has to do with money. Then, for some reason, he hears NOTHING and acts all surprised later on at something I've already told him that we've already had a conversation about. This has been going on for almost 9 years now! I should laugh about it but it can be so frustrating!

  4. LMAO! That was such a funny story! That is totally what a conversation sounds like with us:) Here's an example of ours -
    me- you need to take out the garbage
    him- oh okay I will. (silence, turns on tv)please come and watch this with me.
    me - okay (I go over and watch with him, next thing I know its really late) honey, you have to take out the garbage tomorrow ok?
    him - ok.
    (next day after work)
    him - wow it smells over here. what the heck is that smell?
    me - its the garbage.
    him - whew! that is bad! (finally takes out the garbage, while I light a candle so it smells nice again:))
    stopping by from allysons blog, congrats on your award!

  5. haha! this made me laugh out loud. My husband is the same way!!!

  6. love it! rich is the same exact way - must be a male gene. :)

  7. I'm impressed. You have a conversation with your husband, with answers. Even if only momentary.

  8. I always give Pokey a five count to recognize that he's just asked something that I've already told him, or said something without thinking it through first, or some other such nonsense. Yes, it may seem patronizing, like I'm treating him like a child, but the fact that I'm noticeably counting to five in my head makes him realize it all the quicker!


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