Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Drowning in All This Clutter!

I have to admit, I have been feeling a little crazy here lately. Everything is so out of place...the house feels like a total wreck and it is getting to me. I have bought a couple pieces of new furniture that will help make our space look bigger (and also things we will need for the future home) but the old furniture is still here too. Not to mention obviously boxes and crap is everywhere!

Today, I am going to change all that though. I am going to clean and organize and try to get our life somewhat back to normal. We have (crazily enough) packed a majority of things over the weekend which is good and hauled some things to the storage unit. My goal today is to get some more odds and ends packed and get things back in order.

Obviously we aren't packing EVERYTHING just yet, but we have been pulling things out of the closets and just trying to make things a little less cluttered and a little more presentable. I just want to hurry up and get it listed.

Michael's parents also may be coming up this weekend although at this point I would be embarrassed for them to see our house! They thankfully have a truck though and will be helping us to haul away some of the furniture we won't be using which will make me feel a thousand times better!

Even though I'm slightly annoyed at this point, I am still sooooooooo very excited!


  1. Hang in there! One step at a'll all get done one way or another :)

  2. it'll be soooo worth it in the end. keep truckin'! you'll be done soon :)

  3. Yay, congrats to you! Even in all the clutter, you have something to look forward to! Good luck in all your work today!


  4. I feel the same way! Good luck getting it all done...I'm right there with ya!


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