Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Art of Being Thankful

I had a revelation yesterday...

I decided it was time for me to try to be more thankful in life. I explained this to my husband, who eagerly said he is very excited for this new Laura and that he might even do more things just to be appreciated more. Hmm, I thought. How nice...this could work out just lovely.

But then I realized...

My personality has a very vicious cycle really. It's going to be quite hard to become this new Laura. I've never been one of those "happy, go lucky" girls. I'm quieter. I'm more sarcastic and dare I say cynical. I wouldn't describe myself as a, that's not exactly it...I would venture to say that I am a little on the negative side though.

The problem is that I believe my sarcastic, cynical side is what makes me funny. Is that wrong? I'm not trying to bring every one down. I'm more trying to make light of not so fantastic situations.

The point is.....if I am more thankful/appreciative and focused on seeing the "bright side", will I still be funny?

The reason that I came to this revelation is that I have realized that my life is much less drama filled these days (thank God) and I have been forced to actually look for the negative side of things. Crazy, right?

I think the key is going to be finding balance....being thankful all while still making light of negative situation.

"I am so thankful that the grass got mowed yesterday...even though they apparently forgot to bag it and my dog is now dyed green and my house is full of grass shavings that I can't vacuum because of all the boxes crowding my house because thankfully God has answered our prayers to move closer to home."

Balance right?


  1. I find my sarcastic self stopping once in a while to try being a little bit more appreciative too. It's hard work to acheive that balance, but you'll get there! I love the end note :)

  2. I am the same way! Sometimes I find myself boarding the line between sarcastic and negative. I guess we could all use some more appreciation in our lives :)

  3. Well, you might not ever become "go lucky" but gratitude has a way of seeping into our bones and brining us peace and keeping us happy in a very soft, wise sort of way. I think an awareness of gratitude is a wonderful life-long pursuit.

  4. I am so sarcastic, too, that I feel silly being super Sally Sunshine. But, I always feel better afterwards :)

  5. Yes, balance.... and in this case the "thankfulness" makes it even funnier. ;)


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