Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's To Eat Wednesday? An Herb Garden

So I have a new project that I'm 98% sure I will fail at. (I know, that sentence is terrible first the lack of confidence and then to top it off it is ended with a preposition!!!) How dare I!

Anyways, you want to know why I almost know I will fail? Well, I kill everything I touch! Anything green that is.

I am trying anyways to grow my own herb garden though. I'm sick and tired of paying $2 a piece for a package of herbs. So it's time for a change. Well, not time yet. It will actually take awhile for me to grow my own herbs, but that's okay. Good things take time right?

So I invite you to follow me on my journey of success (or failure) of growing an herb garden.

Step 1: Buy seed packets (oh and there are A LOT of seeds in one packet, don't be fooled by their size!)
Step 2: Buy this nifty Jiffy Seed Starter Kit at your local Home Depot.
Step 3: Pour some hot water over the odd looking brown pellets.

Step 4: Wait for them to grow at least 1 inch tall.

Step 5: Pull away the netting at the top and plant 3 seeds a piece!

Step 6: Cover and wait.

To Be Continued.........................


  1. Sounds great! I've been wanting to do this for a while now but can't find seeds where I live until spring! Maybe I will have to hunt a little more for some.

  2. oh suspense!

    good luck with the gardening...i have confidence that you won't fail. :)

  3. Oh I do hope it works out for you! I want to do this, but I too fail at gardening! :)

  4. LOL I just love this. I am a fellow plant killer. As badly as I want to have a green thumb, I just fail miserably at every attempt. I look forward to watching your latest attempt. Good luck!

  5. I just stumbled on your blog and it is so fun! I thought I would say hi. I absolutely cannot keep ANYTHING alove so I give you major kudos! Best of luck!!

  6. I've been wanting to do this! All I have is a basil plant (that I bought!) I should grow my own, such a great idea!

  7. WOW! I have always wanted to do this! You have to keep us up to date on how it turns out... :)
    Lots of luck!


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