Monday, July 19, 2010

Belly Update and My New Love....Spray Paint!

It has been quite awhile since I have taken a belly shot! Now should be the time where I'm really documenting it because I feel like I grow everyday, but for some reason it keeps slipping my mind and has taken a back burner to everything else that seems to be more of a top priority. So here I am in all my 29 week glory....and sorry, all you get is a crappy DIY bathroom pic!
Apparently I am going to be emotional from here on out. I've had a few more cry sessions since Thursday, but at least I'm not taking myself that seriously and do know that it is totally all hormones!

We have finished our birthing classes now and have learned more than I wanted to know. Hello, why do people not tell you how terrible post partum is going to be???? Where's that time machine when you need it....totally kidding (sort of).

Lola interacted with her first baby over the weekend and passed the test with flying colors, so there is one worry off the list. I'm still not sure if she knew it was a human and not animal, but either way she was her sweet submissive self. She licked him to death (something we will have to work on) and did pretty good at leaving his toys alone for the most part. The sweetest part was that she brought him her toys to play with!

Now onto my new addiction.....spray paint!

I have found that spray paint is both a quick and inexpensive way to transform things you already own or find at a cheap price into the perfect decor update. For example I found this mirror and these two wall art pieces for half price at hobby lobby. All in all it cost me about $25 for these 3 pieces plus the $5 for two cans of spray paint (which I've used on other projects around the nursery as well).

I covered the mirror with some paper using painters tape and laid everything out on a tarp in the middle of the yard and sprayed away. Voila....perfect colors to compliment my little guys new nursery!

I do have to mention that I did get some spray paint on the mirror itself due to not using thick enough paper, but it came off very easily with some paint remover. The colors of spray paint are Peek-A-Boo Blue and Navy if you are interested!


  1. your bump is lovely! glad to hear things are moving along smoothly, and the crying- yes.
    post partum isn't that bad actually, for me the first few days are hard because of soreness and cramps etc but the total awesomeness of new baby/visitors/connection with husband makes those things way less. i highly recommend taking large doses of fish oil daily...i have been throughout the whole pregnancy anyhow, because it is so good for their developing brains and neurons, and then afterward it balances your hormones.

  2. Your spray paint creations look lovely!
    I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. :)

  3. Your bump is so cute!! I love the DIY projects. I just painted some letters for B's room from Michaels....$2.00!!

  4. It looks great! cant wait to see the rest!

  5. Look at that cute baby bump! I love the spray paint idea! I really need to re-finish a couple of pieces of furniture. I love how the mirror and the wall art pieces turned out! Adorable :) Great job. xoxo


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