Thursday, July 29, 2010

No-Sew Nursery Curtains

I haven't been to impressed with pre-made curtains....they all seem so plain and basic. Sometimes, okay a lot of times, I love plain and basic, but for the nursery I was wanting a pattern to make it a little more fun! So I decided to make my own, no-sew curtains - turns out, it's a pretty easy project!

First Step: Finding the fabric
I searched high and low for navy and white curtains....apparently they aren't so popular, especially if you are looking for anything other than stripes. I finally settled on this pretty fabric which is more of a cornflower blue and white and the perfect blending shade of my light blue and navy blue accents. 

I was lucky and got it for $8 a yard at Hobby Lobby (just about 60% off). Yay for sales! I ended up getting about 7 yards of it, 5 for the curtains and 2 extra for possible future pillow shams.

I also bought this lovely shabby chic curtain at Target for $19 to cover the window and make it a little more childish. You can't see it in the picture, but it has little Swiss dots all over and beautiful detail at the bottom.

Step 2: Curtain Hardware Dilemma
The next step was to figure out the curtain rod situation. I had a pretty white curtain rod left over from the previous owner that I didn't mind using, but I was unable to find any white curtain clips and curtain clips were a necessity for my no-sew curtain making adventure. So I improvised and spray painted my existing curtain rod with a metallic bronze spray paint ($5) to match my $5 bronze curtain clips from Wal-Mart. Don't you love spray paint? Apparently I do.

Step 3: Measure
After that I measured out my curtain fabric and decided to hang it a little higher than the window for a little extra height in the room.

To measure you need to add an inch and a half to the top and bottom (total of 3 inches) to whatever length you are wanting for your curtains and don't forget that the clips are going to add on a few inches as well so don't just measure directly from the rod if you want to avoid fabric puddling at the bottom.

Step 4: Time to Iron!
Make sure to pick up some "No-Sew Iron-On Adhesive". There are several different fact I used 3 just because I had some left over and they all have different (but easy to follow) instructions. They come in different weights and I always use the ultra.

At this point you just want to use the adhesive on the tops, bottoms and sides of your curtain panels to hem all the edges. Remember you have added an inch and a half to the tops and bottoms just for this purpose. You may have to break out a measuring tape for this to make sure you hem evenly, or if it's patterned like can go off that which makes it much easier.

Instructional Break...
Below is the picture of my little helper during this adventure. She has been in the middle (literally) of every project I've done for this nursery so far. The jealousy has already begun.

Back to Curtain Making....

Step 5: Hang those Curtains!
After you finish hemming your curtain panels it's time to hang them up using the curtain clips previously mentioned. Look at the nice crisp folds they make!

 Nursery curtains are up!

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