Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Homemade Bird Mobile

My goal was to make a very special nursery for our new addition and keep the cost down as much as I was able to at the same time. One way I did this was by making my own mobile. Instead of spending 50 plus bucks on a pre-made one, I made mine for under $10.

I started out by using this idea on the Martha Stewart website. I loved her original idea, but it was a little girly for a boys room so I improvised.

I used her template for making the birds. It was super easy. I just picked out card stock in the appropriate colors and hit print. From there I used an exacto knife to cut them out and Aileen's Tacky Glue to assemble them. They dried in under an hour and were ready to go.

I found these decorations on clearance at a local craft store. I bought 4, stretched them out and wired them together to form a two layered "nest".

From there I just put a hole punch in the top of the birds and tied fishing line to connect them to the nest in various lengths.

Voila - homemade mobile! Here's the view my little guy will be seeing when I lay him down in his crib.

Hope he doesn't get too dizzy!
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