Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation and More!

Hello July! I can't believe your here already?!? I feel like time is just speeding past me at this point. I've been going a mile a minute since we have gotten back from vacation. In fact I could use another vacay if my brain would allow me to have it.

We had a lot of fun in Siesta Key. Lots of seafood was eaten, books were read, virgin daiquiris were consumed, sun burns were attained that have since peeled and somehow still turned to biscuit brown, and a successful trip to the outlet mall provided our little guy with so many clothes that another duffel bag was purchased to carry them home in.

The best part of it was that Michael and I got to spend a lot of quality time together. Through some ocean float talks we were able to finally pin down a middle name (which I think I will still wait to reveal). And when we returned we found out that Michael got promoted! Yay for more income!

I also have obviously gotten a little bigger as well. I'm at 27 or is it 28 weeks now? I'm losing count...that just tells you how scattered my brain is at this point. I'm still feeling fine, no problems to report thank goodness although I can tell you that this heat is wearing me out.

Unfortunately we had to keep 2 dogs for our family which made a total of 3 hairy pups running around my house when we got back. I told myself I'd be a good sport about it because if we expect other people to watch Lola we should be able to return the favor. I'm sad to report that I was NOT a good sport about it and complained every second of it. Three might be one too many for me and I'm going to blame a lot of my bad attitude on the fact that I'm in severe nesting mode.

I came back with a head full of project ideas and lots of cleaning that I wanted to do before I get anymore cow like. I've made lots of starts but not a lot has gotten completed. I do have nursery updates to show you all very soon however including the painted room we came home to thanks to Michael's mom and sister.

The registry has been made and wow was that an overwhelming experience or what? I think I have made all my final choices though and am now totally freaked out by how much all this stuff costs. It will all work out though...right?

I have started to read some baby books finally. On Becoming Baby Wise which is a Parent Directed Feeding method and The Baby Book which is more of the Attachment Parenting method.I'll probably end up using some combination of the two just depending on what our baby is like. Some of the attachment parenting stuff is just a little too touchy feely for me, but the Baby Book does include a lot of other helpful info that I'm sure I will use.

More to come soon on book reviews, baby projects, and food of course!

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