Thursday, August 12, 2010

Checking Off Big To-Do's!

Yesterday was a big day for our little guy. All the diapers I ordered on Monday came in yesterday. How freaking fast was that? And I have to admit I totally love how they feel. My mother can't believe how excited I am about diapers lol. It's a little crazy I suppose.

My mother-in-law who is has an incredibly hard time keeping a secret let it slip that she was giving us the car seat for our upcoming baby shower.

And my dad called to ask if he could get us our stroller. Heck yeah! Now we can officially bring the baby home from the hospital legally. Both of these gifts let us take a huge sigh of relief since they were two of our most pricey things we needed.
We can now officially bring our baby home from the hospital! And the last bit of exciting news is that our glider and ottoman are ready to be picked up. I really thought it wasn't going to come in until the last minute. That means the nursery is probably about 90% complete which is very exciting.

Today I am concentrating on tying up lose ends. Email must be dealt with. Craft supplies must be put up. Recipe book needs updating. Receipts need to be filed. In all this nursery craziness I have gotten behind on the everyday life things. Time to catch up and knock some more stuff off my To-Do Before Baby list.

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