Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So Blessed!

Sunday was the baby shower for our little boy to be. We actually decided to do one big one with everyone and it couldn't have been better. I simply cannot describe how blessed we feel to have so many people share the joy, love and excitement with us.

Michael's mom and one of her friends put it together for us and did an awesome job! Everything was in our colors from the invitations, to the thank you notes they made for me, to the flowers, and the delicious cake!

How beautiful are these? They purchased them from the same place that made my wedding arrangements.

I still have half this cake sitting in my kitchen. I probably should freeze it before I demolish the whole thing and believe me....I think I could!

We received so many wonderful things and I just have to share a few with you!

First of all.....how freaking cute are these diapers? I know that I'm cloth diapering, but I seriously can't wait to get these on my little guy. They are the Huggies jean diapers. Check out the cute commercial here if you haven't seen it already!

We also got lots of registry items!

Including some of the not so fun stuff from my best friend like breast pads and all the essentials no one tells you that you are going to need because it's no fun.

And several sentimental gifts...

Little booties and hats that my grandmother knitted for me before I was born...

...a quilt that my mom needle pointed and quilted when she was pregnant with me with help from my dad's mom whose now passed away.

...and the sweetest blanket that one of my mother-in-laws friends made for us. I had to stare at this basket of goodies the whole night before the shower. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!

We also received some questionable items and I say questionable because I really doubt my husband will ever let our son wear these. But in all seriousness...I love them and think they are the sweetest things and will make sure we get pictures of him in them when daddy's not around.

A monogrammed sleeper that my husband says is a dress...

...and our son's second dress that my mom smocked for me when I was little. It will make a cute picture and be good for potential blackmail when needed. Now I just need to find some ruffled bloomers.

After I got home I propped my feet up on my new comfy glider and watched my husband re-open everything.

Even he said he got exhausted half way through. You just couldn't believe all the stuff. We are so, so, so blessed and thankful. We never could have bought all this stuff ourselves. We have one lucky little boy. It still feels like Christmas morning everytime I go look at it.

Now I'm off to go organize it all......hopefully!


  1. Love the cake! Baby Carrier Giveaway on my blog!

  2. It looks like you had so much fun and you're definitely very blessed! LOVE the quilts and blankets. Those are so special and you'll have them for a lifetime. I'm really hoping for my shower people will get me the "non-fun" stuff that are really the most essential! I know my SIL is putting together a first aid/med kit so that'll be very helpful. Glad you had such a wonderful time with wonderful people :)

  3. Love that cake. My mom is doing a brown and blue theme for mine.


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