Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Lola Update

I thought you all might want an update on our little dog (and first baby) Lola, even though I'm pretty sure the picture below tells you all you need to know!

I'm frustrated!!!
This has not been an easy process for our little pup and I have to tell you it's absolutely heartbreaking not being able to effectively communicate to her what is going on.

She hates the nursery. In fact, even though she's housebroken, she finds a way to poop and pee in there just to let us know that she's not happy about whatever is going on in there.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there has been a constant mess in there and that she knows it's been taking up a lot of my time. Time that she feels should be spent with her instead.

She's been in the middle of every project I have done and has done her best to distract me and prohibit me from finishing them.

To be honest, I'm pretty sure she is feeling some insecurity about her place in the household. She knows change is coming, but she's just not sure what that means. I think all of our moving around over the past year has been extremely tough on her and now when she sees all the mess and changes going on in the house, she assumes that means we are leaving here and I think that depresses her a little bit.

We are doing our best to give her extra attention and to be extra patient with her. She's been getting a lot more cuddles, walks, rides, and trips to Dairy Queen where she always gets an ice cream treat. I've been sure to load her up with kisses during the day and try to make her feel welcomed in the new nursery.

She's scared of a lot of these new contraptions that are laying around the house these day and I understand that it's going to take some getting used to. She hides under the crib, she barks at the stroller, and doesn't understand why the car seat is now blocking one side of the car window or why the ottoman in the nursery throws her off when she jumps on it due to it's fancy gliding mechanism.

We put her in these new contraptions and let her sniff them out to become more comfortable. I try to share the glider with her, but have found that I probably should have gotten an over sized one to really make it work. We practice walking around with the stroller, but she's still petrified when it comes toward her.

I think the most heartbreaking thing for me is watching her want all the pretty little things that we are getting for the baby. She loves gift bags and always assumes that whatever is in them is for her. I try to be patient and let her sniff and lick at things, but it's sad when she wants to run away and play with them and I have to tell her no.

In her defense all these baby toys look like doggie toys and I can completely understand her frustration. We have bought several toys and treats to give out to her when we feel like she might be getting a little down about it. See the bone to the left?

I just hope this makes more sense to her in the end once the baby gets here. I hope she knows that we will always love her and that she is our first child. We have her to thank for many lessons already learned.

Love you beanies!!!


  1. I'm so sorry it's been difficult for you and the pup. They really are like your first baby! I know my year-old toy poodle is spoiled to death! With three months til the baby is due, we're trying to wean him off of some habits we don't want once the baby comes. For one, he's no longer allowed on the bed before bedtime. (He's crate-trained) Only mid-morning naps (but I think that's probably not the best idea either).

    He goes in the nursery and isn't petrified of the "contraptions" but isn't exactly comfortable around them. He sniffs everything in the baby's room and even stole one of her socks, but he steals all of our socks! Thanks for mentioning about the stroller. That's a really good point to get the dog used to it. I'll have to try that. I've heard of a lot of dogs acting out/messing when the baby comes. And I've received a lot of tips, but ultimately I think every dog's different.

    I say, keep doing what you're doing. Try and separate baby from dog, and give Lola lots of attention for good behavior!! :) Good luck!

  2. This is one of the only thing that worries that Mr.B and I have about having children. Miss Emma is our first child and will always be and we don't want her to feel like we don't love her anymore. =/


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