Friday, August 20, 2010

Living Room Curtains - Before and After

One of the things that was a "must do" when we moved in was updating the curtains that the previous homeowner left us. A little too old looking for us.

So off to the fabric shop I went.....about 5 months ago lol. I finally settled on a fabric choice and decided in order to save money I would use it as a pop of color in the form of a cornice board since it was about $15 a yard. Next I went on the search for cheap panel curtains which I finally found for $12 a panel. How totally awesome is that???

With a lot of help from my mom we finally transformed my windows into this!

We also made pillow covers as well to spread more color around the room.

The room is far from done, but this is definitely helping in the meantime. I've got a few other rooms to tackle before I get back to this one. I'm so ready to branch out of my brown color theme it's not even funny. What do you think?

Where to Find: Fabric  - Manufacturer: Richloom, Pattern: Campione, Color: Fiesta (The Fabric House) and Panels (Old Time Pottery)

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