Monday, September 24, 2012


I feel like life has been going 100 mph lately and honestly I don't see it slowing down any in the near future. That's quite alright though. Everything that is going on is fun and exciting, but I do look forward to a slow down in January once the baby arrives. Sometimes when things are flying by so fast I find it hard to sit back and reflect. I'm so caught up in the moment, just living, but at the same time there are somethings I feel I at least need to make note of. 

- Ethan is unbelievably full of life. If my life is going 100mph then his is going at least 200mph. He is less than 2 weeks away from being an official two year old. I say "official" because he's been acting like one for quite some time at this point. I wish he had a shirt that said "Sorry, I'm two!" on it. I feel like that would come in handy while we are in public. 

- I think he is actually grasping the fact that he will be having a birthday party. I know he doesn't exactly know what it means, but he's excited none the less. He will say "Party! Party!" and point to his birthday decor that I am feverishly working on at this point. We have a countdown on the fridge which is now sitting at a mere 20 days. It sounds like more than it feels!

- Our house is starting to feel more like a home now. My mom came up a couple of weeks ago to help clean out Ethan's big boy room (aka the "I don't want to find a spot for this yet" room). My mantles are now officially decorated, things are put away and I even have a staircase gallery in place with lots of family pictures. It feels soooo much better! 

- The hubs is out of town this week. This will be the first time he has been away for any length of time. I'm sure we will be just fine, but it's always nerve wracking knowing that you don't have a reprieve coming at the end of the day. Seriously...hats off to military moms and single parents out there. Ethan and I will definitely be missing my husband as he is one super great dad! 

- I know I haven't done a pregnancy update lately....I'm seriously slacking on keeping up with number 2...shame on me. Things are still going well though. I've definitely passed the cute pregnancy phase and am headed into the "Holy crap you are big" stage. Fun times. I've got my glucose test on Thursday and will be keeping my fingers crossed that things go well there. We had our maternity/family pictures done last night and I couldn't be happier with the sneak peek our photographer posted today. Head on over to my FB page to check those out. I'll be sure to post more once I get the disc!


  1. Love your mantle decor and the staircase gallery. My house is in need of some decor love and framed or canvas prints. Hope you and Ethan survive the week without Daddy! (And I wholeheartedly agree - military wives and single moms are my heroes!)

  2. Love the wall gallery- nice job! Hope your week goes well...lots of deep breaths and coffee :)

  3. I hear you on your life going by at the speed of light. I feel the same way right now. I think especially bc Giada is growing up and changing SO fast and I try to cling on to every single moment of the day w her.
    I love the way you arranged your pics on the stairs. So cute! And way to go on making your house feel a lot more like a home now.

  4. I love the mirror you have over your mantle. Absolutely perfect for that spot. The stairway looks great too!! Nice work pulling it all together.

  5. Your mantel is gorgeous! Can't wait to see how the birthday comes together. I love that he's so excited about it.

  6. Thanks for the update. Can't wait to hear how E loves his party. Eva went nuts. She absolutely adored it.

  7. Oh that mantel is beautiful! Glad things are going well. It really does feel like there aren't enough hours in the days right now!

  8. umm your staircase gallery? basically my DREAM gallery! love it!! and if you find that shirt for your e, can you pick up one for mine? that would be awesome :)


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