Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life is good...no great actually (with a side of screams and belly fat).

This past weekend was the official kick off to summer. We returned from our beach vacation (more on that to come) to 80 degree weather, honeysuckle and fireflies. I couldn't be more excited, summer is my second favorite season after all (it's really hard to beat fall in East TN...the leaves changing on all the beautiful hills...gorgeous). I'm sure I'll be over the summer heat in approximately 30 days (or less...humidity blows) and ready for fall to bring on cooler weather, but for now I am totally digging the sun and spray tanning because God knows this girl doesn't get the time to lay out. Where did those days go? 

It's amazing how quickly we have been forced to dive right in with a calendar full of activities and traveling. Life is certainly busy. Ethan started summer school today at a new place and it didn't throw him a bit. He seems to be pretty open to new people, places and things which definitely surprises me since I am not and that kid is 98% all me. It does bring me comfort though since moving around will continue to be in our future for the time being.

Jackson is growing like a weed. In fact, we are going back in for a weight check on Thursday and I'm expecting great news. Goodbye 1st percentile! Fingers crossed that we get at least in the 5-10% range. He had lots of floor time on vacation and my mom informed me that he began "crawling"...more like creeping I believe. I immediately covered my eyes and screamed "No! This can't be happening." Stop it already. What happened to the days where he just curled up on my chest and slept like a kitty cat? Mobility is overrated. 

I still feel like I'm continuously drowning in my "To-Do" list, but trying to stay focused on all the good stuff that is happening around me. It's funny how one minute you can feel so blessed and lucky to live the life you have and then the next minute you are in a car with two screaming children daydreaming that you were 22, carefree and laying by the pool in a skimpy bikini with a drink in one hand and a good book in the other. Sometimes it is so hard to just enjoy the moment. I know in 5 years I'll miss some of the little moments that are happening all around me right now and I'm aiming to remember to soak those up and not let the things that I will hopefully one day block from my memory ruin those. 

My current focus (besides getting my ish-together (see also: I'm trying to stop the cursing...it's going to bad news bears if my 2.5 year old shows up to church busting out my less than great vocabulary)) is to lose the last 10 (ok, 15) pounds I have left on my ubber jiggly, definitely not summer ready body. I've been contemplating the easy option of maybe doing some kind of cleanse (Although is that safe for nursing?) or worse...running. I haven't ran (unless you count chasing a toddler in a parking lot) in 10 years. I actually asked my husband what exactly would be considered running. Like if you ran for say 3 minutes does that count? Is that considered running? I don't even know if I could make it 3 minutes with the beast of hills we have around these parts. I'm more leaning towards the easy option of a cleanse. Besides, I tend to like to jump on bandwagons and am starting to wonder if this Advocare deal will live up to all the hype I keep seeing on Facebook. Hello? Wasn't I on the whole foods bandwagon just last year? Pretty sure Advocare is not whole foods acceptable. For now I'm settling for walking up and down my driveway while the kiddos are asleep. I know that sounds totally lame (and it totally is) but you haven't seen my mountain of a driveway. At least it's something which is more than what I was doing.

Hopefully next time I'll be back with adorable baby pictures and fun beach beach memories. Although don't hold your breath apparently I can only show up here once a week these days. I promise...it will get better...or that's what "they" say anyways. ;)


  1. Seriously, some of the things you say keep me giggling all evening! Curling up like a kitty cat!!! Crazy but oh so true. I feel ya on all of these topics. I'm just happy you still blog at all!

  2. You are cracking me up! I have those SAME thoughts of " gosh I love my life and am so blessed" to " wish I was n Mexico with cocktails and books".
    Just a little FYI on the running, when I first started last year the beginning made me SO HUNGRY that it def didnt change my weight, but it did chnage my body over time so its less of a quick fix IMO. Also that app couch to 5K made it much more do-able because I am no runner either, and I have not run at all since finding out I was pregnant! ( in OCTOBER) lol

  3. I feel like drowning in my "To Do" list too. Trying so hard to focus on the good as well! I wouldn't recommend doing a cleanse while nursing, but that's my personal thoughts!


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