Thursday, May 2, 2013

What are Little Boys Made of?

I knew when I had boys that things were bound to get messy. I envisioned making mud pies together when they were little and when they got older I'd be yelling "No, throwing balls in the house!" and giving a smile as the rambunctious boys headed out the backdoor. For some reason I didn't envision mess happening all the time. I thought it would all be done on assigned days. Like "Hey, I'm a cool mom...let's have mud puddle jumping day!". I'd put him in old clothes and make sure we had adequate time for a bath before nap time. It would all be so controlled. Oh, what little did I know?

My brand new living room lamp was broken because Ethan was fishing from the stairway.

Sand has scraped up my hardwood floors and no I don't live near a beach. Trucks bring it in from the sandbox on a regular basis. So much so that I am beyond glad that I do not live at the beach. 

Yesterday, while I was cleaning up said sand, concrete mix was dumped all over the garage floor because God forbid the child not have anything to load and dump with his trucks. 

I scooped poop out of the bathroom sink. 


So the other day, when a nice lady walked up to me at the park bench to inform me my child was standing in the middle of a mud puddle I was dumbfounded that this was news. She was worried that his Toms were getting dirty. Little did she know they've already been run through the wash multiple times in their month long existence. 

I began to wonder if this affinity for being messy was normal. Am I a fun parent or just too lazy to discipline?

I'd like to think I'm adventurous.

Sure, cleaning up these messes is not my favorite thing to do. I've certainly had to pause and take deep breaths when we are on our 3rd bath for the day. Heck, sometimes I don't even bother with that! I've literally laughed at contractors that have walked into house apologizing for leaving footprints. They must have been blind because there is always some kind of dusty, sticky, or wet footprint all over my nice, dark hardwood. 

I'm not normally a laid back person, but my son(s) are teaching me to let go. Childhood should be adventures, exploratory, freeing and fun. I am too aware that these days won't be around for long so I'm letting them live it up. There will be plenty of time for responsibility and cleanliness later. I may lose my sanity, but for now I'm embracing muddy shoes, sandy floors and spending loads of money on spot removers. And truth be told, somedays...I'm jealous that I'm not carefree enough to just join in and get all muddied up myself.

*And just for clarification, I do draw the line at poop...let's just say THAT will certainly not be happening again!*


  1. Been there, done that! Boys will be boys! :)

  2. Oh boys!!! At least they keep the days interesting! I'm so with you on wishing I could be as carefree...maybe just for a day:)


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