Thursday, May 16, 2013

Soaking Up the Sibling Love

Prior to Jackson's arrival, I thought for sure that Ethan would be the jealous type. I just knew there would be tears, acting out and that a protective bubble would be needed for Jackson's safety. Ethan had been the center of attention for so long. How would he feel about sharing it? As per usual, I spent a lot of unnecessary time worrying about nothing. These two seriously melt my heart every single day.

Ethan loves baby toes as much as the rest of us.

At first, Ethan pretty much ignored Jackson. There wasn't any jealousy, but he wasn't really aware of his presence either. At some point during the past two months, their relationship has really taken off. Ethan proudly introduces him to everyone he sees, he asks for baby Jack to join us when we are playing, and sweetly holds his hand while sitting on the couch. When Ethan wakes up, one of the first questions he asks is "Baby Jack up?". He cannot wait for his little brother to wake up so he can go talk to him and smile at him. And Jackson? He will actually "talk" back and give the biggest of grins!

The days that Ethan is at school are Jackson's least favorite days. He becomes a whiny, needy little thing and I am 100% positive it is because he is bored. In fact, I know he hates the quiet. He much prefers to be around the sound and action of Ethan's daily crazies. His favorite past time is to sit in Ethan's vicinity and just watch him run around. 

Sharing his coveted "Ellie & Blank". This is only to be done on his terms of course.

I know it's early yet, but I hope these two have a special sibling relationship. Jackson's personality hasn't fully come out yet, but I can already tell that he and Ethan have two very different energies about them. My hope is that they will balance each other out and become the best of friends. 

I am proud of my oldest for taking Jack under his tiny wing. I'm so impressed by his maturity when I have to ask him to wait because I need to do something for the baby. 

I am soaking every minute up because Jackson is working very hard to be just like big brother. Give him another month and my bets are that he will be a toy stealing machine.

Pretty sure I know how that will go over, but who knows, I might just be pleasantly surprised again. 


  1. They are so so sweet! Braden was the same - he didn't really care one way or another when Ethan was born. Pretty much just ignored him, which was fine by me. Ethan is 7 months and is getting really interactive and just LOVES his big brother!

  2. It is so sweet to see big bros love all their little brothers. I'm so glad Ethan is becoming such a big brother! Love all the sweet photos!


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