Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009!

I always enjoy doing resolutions at the beginning of each new year and this year is no different. I like it because it helps me to reflect on my life and see where improvement can be made. Self improvement is always a good thing, right?

In 2009 I would like to find a more healthy balance between extended family time and me and Michael time. I'd like to put less miles on my car and enjoy relaxing at home on the weekends a little more. I want to enjoy more pajama days and realize that some things can be put off just a little while longer. I need to make sure I make time for just me during the day and not feel so bad if I just need to be by myself for a little while.

I will try to find happiness in everything that I do even if it requires me to make some changes. I will try to "go with the flow" a little bit better and realize some things don't always go as planned. I won't beat myself up when things don't turn out perfect. I will learn to let go.

Normally my goals are more measurable, but 2008 has made me see my life in a different light. I need to relax, I need to let go, I need to be open to change. This year will be different. This year I will learn how to make my life easier and more enjoyable.

I wish everyone a happy New Year and the best of luck of keeping all of your personal resolutions.

To all of my lovely followers - thank you for supporting me in my new creative adventure of blogging. You have all been so kind and I look forward to sharing 2009 with all of you!

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