Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

Every year at Christmas time I look forward to watching 3 movies....It's a Wonderful Life, The Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation. My very favorite of these is It's a Wonderful Life, which my awesome husband purchased for me last night. It has so many useful lessons in it that I just can't resist sharing them.

The main character George Bailey is a dreamer who wants to escape the small town of Bedford Falls to travel around the world and build things. Just as he has saved up enough money to make the trip, his father passes away and he chooses to stay behind to make sure his father's building and loan business is not shut down by the towns despicable tycoon Mr. Potter. George is a guy who is liked by everyone and always comes through to help people out. The night of his wedding he is on his way to his honeymoon with a wad of cash in hand ready again to travel the world and there is a run on the bank scene that expresses his willingness to help others.

Yet again he had to give up his own dreams to save others. He reaches his breaking point Christmas Eve when his forgetful uncle accidently misplaces $8000 of the building and loans money. He madly searches the town to find the money and eventually turns to the evil Mr. Potter for help who tells him he is "worth more dead than alive." George ends up deciding to throw himself over the bridge when instead an angel named Clarence jumps in the river. George saves him and goes on to tell him that he wished he was never born. Clarence decides that showing George what life would be like if he had never existed might just be the trick to saving him. The building and loan had closed down and Bedford Falls had turn into Pottersville. The new town was filled with bars, nightclubs, and dark characters.

This is the main reason I enjoy this movie so much. We all have our dark days and sometimes feel like the world would be better off without us. It's amazing just how many lives you touch, even if it is just for a brief moment. I am sure we all make individual sacrafices for others in our lives and sometimes that can be frustrating. There is a sign in the building and loan office which I can't remember exactly, but basically it says "A man only has what he gives." I truly do believe that is the truth. In the end you will be remembered for what you did for others, not what you did for yourself.

The last scene of the movies is the most heartwarming because George realizes that he does actually live a wonderful life. When he comes home he is greeted by the bank examiner and a warrant for his arrest. He greets them cheerfully and runs upstairs to hug his children. His wife comes in and calls him down as the whole town floods in to give him money to help him out as he helped them.


  1. Aww you wanted to post these. I love the movie - I see it every year and every year it makes me cry in the end..

    Have a wonderful Christmas Laura!!!


  2. I avoid this movie because, like Maki said, it makes me cry.
    But wonderful job on the recapping!

  3. I adore It's a Wonderful Life and I adore your blog!!

  4. I love that movie too although I don't always get round to watching it. I love the moral of the story and I might have to pick up the tradition of watching it every Christmas. Right now my xmas movie tradition includes Love Actually - LOVE that Christmas movie!

  5. Maki: It makes me cry as well! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too.

    Expat: What's wrong with a tear every now and then haha.

    Lindsey: Thanks so much...I'll be checking your blog out as well.

    Bodaat: Love Actually is a wonderful movie as well...I don't own it but I do watch it once a year when it comes on TV.


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