Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 Things About Me

Today I decided I would share a little bit about myself. I'm sure everyone has little quirks about themselves and I am no different. Here are 5 that came to mind...

  1. I become very anxious in crowded places. Places like Wal-Mart, the Cracker Barrel waiting room, and stadium crowds drive me absolutely crazy. I can hardly stand to be there and I tend to get very frustrated and angry quite quickly. I hate feeling like I am in the way and you always feel that way in places like that. Not to mention that people are completely blind apparently when it comes to being in a rush and don't mind running right over you. My husband and I use to get into arguments every time we went into Wal-Mart because I would take my anxiety out on him. Now we know if I get to that state, it's better just to leave and go elsewhere.
  2. I am very meticulous at everything I do. Basically this means that I'm slow and it takes me longer than most people to get things done. Not slow in the sense that I don't get it and am incapable of doing something, but more in the sense that I'm a perfectionist. Anything I enjoy I tend to want to take my time with whether it's cooking, cleaning, organizing, wrapping gifts, or making photo books. Most of the time they turn out to my liking, if they don't I usually get very frustrated with myself. I am trying to learn that things don't always turn out as planned, but you can't help wanting to be perfect, right?
  3. I have a terrible memory. Basically anything that has happened to me in my life that has been bad I have blocked out for the most part, or well at least the details. For example, I can hardly remember anything before my freshman year of high school. If I ever get into an argument with someone, I will quickly forget the details. This is a huge disadvantage to me in since of winning the argument, but it's also harder for me to hold grudges that way. Unless of course it is an on going argument, that's a different story.
  4. I am a very honest person. If you ask me my opinion, I will give it. If I am late to work because I overslept, that will be the story I give my manager. Unfortunately, I have found that honesty is not always a well liked quality. Some people actually prefer that you lie to them...my mom is one of those people. She finally learned that if you don't want to know the truth, then don't ask. It works for us...mostly. I am trying to learn to keep some comments to myself for the good of others. Apparently not everyone needs to hear my thoughts.
  5. I am a To Do List freak! I make To Do Lists every single day. It's my thing. I actually enjoy making them and get pure joy crossing things off my list as I get things done. If I'm every stressed about all the things I need to do, my solution is to make a list and prioritize it. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't find it so endearing when I leave him little lists of the things I need him to do and the order I need him to do them. That's just the control freak in me.

Any of you have funny quirks? I'd love to hear them!


  1. OCD much?

    Just kidding. If it works for you then great.

    I also hate crowded place. That's why I mostly avoid malls and opt for boutiques instead.

  2. It's nice to know a little bit about you.. Honesty is a very good human quality. And being meticulous about things is something I need to learn.. I am very anal about certain things, but I tend to get lazy.

    You need to teach me how to be organized because I am so disorganized at time ( and I blame it on my kids. lol)

  3. Expat: Yes, OCD on certain things, not so much on others haha.

    Maki: Oh, I'm not excellent at organization - it just takes me a long time to do it. Somehow, every time I organize a room it is suddenly junked up again very quickly (and I blame it on my husband)

  4. Me I'm very honest and awful memory too, apart from conversations which bizarrely I recall very well.

    Also, I don't like phoning people - its almost a phobia but not quite.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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