Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just Add Water

Okay so I have one task completed that I would like to share with you all. I found this idea in a magazine and thought it would be a perfect gift for my 4 grandmothers. It's actually pretty cheap and easy as well. I took pictures in order to make the instructions a little more enjoyable!

1. Purchase a tall vase...I got mine at Target for $9. (You could probably find cheaper ones than this, I was in a hurry and like thick glass vases.)

2. Fill the bottom few inches of the vase with a festive material. I bought 1 strand of silver beaded garland at Hobby Lobby for $2.50.

3. Add a Paperwhite or Amaryllis bulb with the pointed end sticking up. I bought a box of 4 Paperwhite bulbs at Home Depot for $5. Paperwhites bloom in 4-6 weeks, while Amaryllis pretty much bloom whenever they decide.

4. Finally tie on a ribbon and and ornament of your choice to make it fun! I had left over ribbon from the wedding (I'm sure you have some around the house as well). I got the ornament at Target for $1.

5. Don't forget to add a note! I got a pack of blank cards at Hobby Lobby for $1.00 and these cute snowflake stickers for $1.50.

All in all it cost me about $12 for 1 gift, the bulk of that being the vase. Here are pictures of a Paperwhite plant and Amaryllis if you aren't familiar with them.

***Also, Expat has challenged me to a Tiramisu war! She posted her recipe today. I will be posting my recipe on Friday. Which one is the best? You guys will have to be the judge!


  1. I love this gift idea, it really looks very pretty! I wish I wasn't too lazy to do something crafty.

  2. Aww it is really pretty!! I may have to steal this idea for my mom-in-law:) I already have her gift, but wanted to get her something else...

    BTW, I had to try the Espresso Truffle and I did!!! It was really good!! I ordered Iced one because FL was 80F today.. It was better than Iced Mocha. Thank you!!! xo


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