Thursday, July 2, 2009

Complete and Total Randomness

I wish today was Friday! It's almost the weekend and I can't stand the wait. I've been busy getting stuff together for the 4th. My dad and sister are visiting and I'm excited about cooking out and going to see Public Enemies. I absolutely love mobster movies and you know Johnny Depp isn't too bad himself either.


Day 3 of no planning is going......I guess well. I'm less disappointed you could say. Maybe even a little bit more relaxed. I do still make lists. Is this a violation of the no planning plan? I can't imagine not making lists. Anyways, this new lifestyle is still in test mode.


I am about to go into super organizational mode. I want to throw everything out and start out fresh. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to do anything really. I started collecting clothes to go to Goodwill, but nothing extensive. It's time though. It's time.


The mosquitoes here are terrible. Sadly due to budget cuts my city will no longer be spraying to help eliminate them either. I told Michael I could no longer take Lola out due to the crazy little blood suckers. He of course thought I was just trying to get out of my puppy mom duties until I showed him the 10 bite marks I had all over my body. Freaking ridiculous. I'm like a magnet.


Sorry for the randomness. I hope you at least got something out of it. I believe I have had way to much caffeine today. It's inhibited my ability to stay on topic. Have a good 4th!!!


  1. I could not imagine a life without lists... how would you get anything done?!?

  2. Today feels like Friday to me. . . No work tomorrow!


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