Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mysterious Bruises...

I don't know what is going on, but lately my body has been covered in bruises! Okay so covered might be an exaggeration, but I've found at least 5 in the past 2 weeks and that's a lot for me considering I don't bruise easily which was always a weakness in the days of fighting with my sister. It seemed like she would bruise instantly if you even laid a pinkie on her. Needless to say I was constantly punished for her injuries, but I digress.

The mystery must be solved because this yellowish, bluish, black stuff isn't so hot in dresses and sleeveless tops. I've come up with a couple of scenarios...

Scenario #1: My body has some crazy disease that I probably need to get checked out. Considering that I hate going to the doctor because I can't stand needles (and it seems that no matter what they have to do, it always involves needles) so I will never go. I'll end up dying of the unknown bruise disease. Maybe they will name it after me...

Scenario #2: Lola is walking all over my body while I sleep. Amazingly her small paws can cause major pain when she jumps on you. So maybe she is treating my body like a trampoline while I sleep, which could explain why she is always too tired to get out of bed in the morning.

Scenario #3: Michael is beating me up in my sleep. Just to clarify, my husband would never lay a hand on me, but he does do crazy things at night while he sleeps. Maybe he thinks I'm a pallet and he throws me around at night trying to get a job done. You never know.

**Side Story** Last night, Lola was suckling our sheets on the bed, which is really strange because she hasn't done that since we first got her, and I woke Michael up to tell him about it. He told me in all seriousness that she was drinking Pepsi in the drink aisle at the grocery store. What???

So which scenario do you think is the most likely? Anyone else having this experience with the mysterious bruise disease. Maybe it's a new epidemic that I don't know about like the H1N1?


  1. Hmmm...bruise disease eh? Any natural blood thinners? Garlic perhaps? Do your friends stand far from you while you talk? Another sign that you may be eating too much garlic. I say dress to match them. Make is a fashion statement. Black blue and yellow is the new black!

  2. I bruise easily if I'm not eating enough. I get bruises on my knees because they knock against each other as I sleep. Maybe you need more iron?

  3. P.S. I lOVE your new layout!!! So sorry I haven't beein doing a good job leaving comments... Just you know, those damn blogging funk.

  4. What?? I left you another comment first, but it's not there!

    So here goes.

    What I wrote was I say #3 - your husband. LOL. Nah, just kidding. May I present scenario #4? - "Ghost" What do you think?

    I do get those weird bruises out of no where, too, sometimes. It makes me wonder too...

  5. drinking pepsi in the drink aisle? hahaha, that made me laugh!!

    i don't know much about bruises but it's probably better to get a quick check-up, just in case. :)

  6. I think I would have a Doctor look at that because it is not normal to have unexplained bruises.

    Is the kid thirsty? :)

    Peace -Rene


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