Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paranoia...Where do I start?

I guess my paranoia actually started young. My dad loved to let us watch scary movies when we were probably too young to watch them. There are four movies in particular that left a lasting impression on me and they are the reasons for most of my fear...let me just list (yes, there are that many).

Stephen King's IT

· This movie is the number one reason I am scared of clowns. Well I guess I wouldn’t say scared exactly, but they sure do freak me out!

· I also will never walk over street grates – I always walk around them.

· The drain in shower still freaks me out, honestly it does.

· Michael constantly torments me by saying in his creepy voice “They all float down here!” Aggghhh! Gives me chill bumps every time!


· I’m pretty sure I hated spiders before I saw this movie, but let’s just say it didn’t help. Michael is my spider killer now…if he’s not there, I just trap them under a glass and wait.

· Again, another shower fear (I’m surprised I even bathe now)…you remember that part in the movie where the girl is in the shower and she can’t feel all the spiders crawling on her because she thinks its water? Yeah, that’s what I think about EVERY time.

Ernest Scared Stupid

· This movie made me scared to turn over in bed at night in fear that there would be some big, scary troll lying in bed beside me.

· Oh yeah, I don’t like trolls either. I also consider them creepy.


· I ran and jumped in my bed for years because of this movie. I was always afraid that something was going to come out and grab me from underneath the bed.

I’m pretty sure all of these movies have lead to my dislike of hairy bodies come to think of it. All of them involve hairy stuff. Huh…I learned something about myself today.

What movies left a lasting impression on you?


  1. Poltergeist scared the pants off me, and Body Heat!

  2. The Exorcist . . . No doubt about it!

    And I love your new look!

  3. I like this layout of your blog! I hated "IT"! I watched it by myself as a youngun!! Scared the living pants off of me.

  4. i totally feel you on arachnophobia. i still can't bring myself to watch it.

  5. Fire in the Sky scared me in so many ways. I definately think about it too often!

  6. I don't watch horror movies. But you know, "the great nothing" in The Never Ending Story really freaked me out. I couldn't look at a clouded horizon without feeling anxiety for years.

  7. I actually love scary movies and consider myself a scary movie junkie that can handle most anything. But the one movie that had me thinking over and over about it was The Descent, about some girls who go down into a cave... oh I can't go on....


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