Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Power of the DVR

A few weeks ago my husband and I finally upgraded our basic cable to HD. Our best man won us a flat screen for our wedding gift a year ago through a poker tournament (yeah, we have a separate savings account set aside for his future wedding gift) and we had never actually set up the HD service.

I’m not a huge techy, so I probably don’t appreciate the HD part as much as I should, but what I do love is the TV Guide and the DVR. I know, I’m behind the times, but here’s my spill anyways…

TV Guide is awesome! I no longer have to put it on that guide channel and patiently wait for it to scroll. It never failed that I always got sucked into whatever show they were playing on the top half of the screen and missed what I was looking for in the first place. One complaint on the TV Guide thingy though….why do they have to show ALL the channels including the ones you don’t get? I always pick something to watch that just happens to be on a channel that I don’t have! Well, on second thought – I guess that’s exactly the point. (*Sigh* I always fall for marketing)

Anyways, on to the point…

DVR has really made our TV watching more efficient. I can now record every series I like and watch it whenever I want AND without commercials! I LOVE IT! Before we were limited by our bedtimes and having to make special arrangements to watch the “can’t miss” episodes. Not anymore! Now we can go happily living our lives without being restricted to the house at whatever time our shows demand. Now that’s power right there!

** I will be starting “What’s to Eat? Wednesday” tomorrow so get excited and join in if you want! Anything to do with food counts! Oh, I'll attempt to do that Mr. Linky thing :) **


  1. We don't have a dvr, which makes me sad... one day! But I what you mean about having so many channels, I set up 'favorites' for me and for the hubbs. It works for us, b/c I cut out all the movie channels we don't get and sports channels!


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