Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some New Favorite Things...

Jessica Simpson - Pocci sandals in Pewter - These are sandals I want, but haven't got yet. My favorite black flip flops have finally bit the dust after about 8 years of service thanks to lovely little Lola. I believe these would be a very versatile replacement.

Lipton Sparkling Green Tea - Berry Flavor - Awesome new drink. It successfully combines the health benefits of green tea with the bubbliness of carbonated drinks. Yum.

Clinique - Long Pretty Lashes in black - This is my absolute favorite mascara. No spider eyes here!
Anthropologie - Red Carnation top - This is on the way to my doorstep. Hopefully I love it when I put it on. I seem to have a thing for ruffles this year.

*** Don't forget about the poll on the right! Click here for more info. ***


  1. I love that green tea, too!

    I should try that mascara. I've been using maybelline but it's not that good.

  2. I SO have a thing for ruffles this year too!!!

  3. those are mighty cute sandals!

  4. I really like the top. I think ruffles are great. I hope they don't go out of style too quickly. :) As for the poll. I don't do well with multiple choice ... my answer is that I would always read it and sometimes participate. But that wasn't an option. :)

  5. The sandals are cute. I need a new mascara...now I know which one I'lll try next.

    Glad I found your blog!


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