Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to Catfish....Our way.

1. Pick a pretty day to go out on the lake, preferably at dusk and of course, on a boat.

2. Bring along some noodles that are rigged up for cat-fishing purposes....Cut noodle in 4th's. Tie fishing line to a golf tee. Push golf tee into the top of the noodle. Tie a hook and weights to fishing line. Put reflector tape around noodle for nighttime vision. Do this about 20 times.

3. Use gross bait to lure the fish to the "noodle pole". Squiggly worms went on the blue noodles and slimy chicken livers went on the orange and yellow noodles. Color code so you know which bait is the best.

4. Bring sexy husband to bait the hooks for you! It's okay if he calls you a wimp. At least your hands are clean.

5. Scatter all the baited noodles across the lake.

6. Put on your flashlight necklace (aka flashlight tied to a rope around your neck) because things might get exciting and you don't want to be the one responsible for losing said flashlight. Periodically check on noodles to see if any have mysteriously moved down the river or are bobbing straight up. Sure signs that there is a catfish attached.

7. Once a stray noodle is spotted. Pull the boat around and give the noodle a good yank. Roll up the fishing line to collect your prize.

8. Again, I need to stress the importance of bringing the hubby or dad to do the dirty work of getting the fish off the pesky hook. Apparently they can stab you.
9. Make sure to take turns reeling in the fish. It can be quite rewarding to see your husband catch a fish smaller than yours. It's a great time to get back at him for making fun of you for not being able to bait the hook or release the fish.
10. Unfortunately karma isn't always so nice and you too can end up catching a baby fish. It's okay though, you still got that one big one, right?

The End!


  1. Great fishing, I'd like to go too! By the way, you have an awesome blog! So pretty and funny. :)


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