Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello Home....Is That You?

I am back in Knoxville for the remainder of this week to get it ready to FINALLY be put on the market. It's absolutely crazy that it's taken this long, but that's just how everything had to go.

It's strange being back here. A lot of mixed emotions. This is the first and probably last house I have ever bought completely dependent on my own resources. I was very proud of that fact. This is the house that my husband and I first experienced the joys and dramas of home improvements together. It was my pet project and it's both with excitement and sadness that I can now say that it is completed.

It felt weird walking through my front door last night. I guess when I say "my" I'm really using that term loosely. It already doesn't feel like "mine" anymore. It was depersonalized a few weeks back and I honestly feel like I'm living in more of a magazine photo than a home.

It is nice to be surrounded by my own furnishings and have my own space for a few days. I'm thankful for our parents letting us live with them during this transition but I cannot express how much I miss having a space of my very own! A place where we can be ourselves. Shew. It's coming though. Slowly, but surely. And letting go of this house is one of the first big steps.

My hopes are that it sells quickly. It will be for the best. I can then start looking at potential new homes and finally feel as though we are moving forward instead of stalling out. I can't wait! In the mean time...I'll be busy making sure everything looks picture perfect here!


  1. i feel a sense of nostalgia every time i drive in to my old neighborhood and my last condo. :( i know how you feel. here's to your house selling fast so that you can start looking at new places!

  2. I SOO know what you're saying. It's funny how once you moved yourself out emotionally, it feels no longer yours even it still is your house...

    I'd stayed at my in law for about four months until we moved ourselves back into our condo, and I really missed my own space!

    Good luck and I'm praying it sells quickly!


  3. I hate moving out of places. I haven't owned a house yet, but every apartment we've had...after it's empty I sit on the carpet for a few minutes just hoping that I remember every single moment we had there. Hopefully one day we'll have a house and I can finally nest!


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