Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Sentimental Christmas

One of the best things about Christmas is sitting in your pajamas all day as well as basking in the after glow of the mass destruction of it all.

We had a lovely Christmas and I hope you all did as well. Christmas was a little different this year for us. We had less family to see, less presents to give, and no traveling to do. With that being said, we had more time to see the family that was present and we were even able to squeeze in some friends.

We got some wonderful gifts (and hopefully gave some). Michael's parents gave him a much needed toolbox....

...and I got some very luxurious sheets!

Christmas at my dad's was a little different this year. Instead of the traditional purchased gifts, we received things he picked out for us from my grandparents house. After my grandmother passed away this past April all of the kids went over and divided up their stuff and decided they would pass down some of that to the grand kids as well.

I was extremely excited to receive this Victorian chair, along with a buffet table and my grandmothers silver tea set that she received for her 25th wedding anniversary. Now I just need a home to put it in!

My sister received one of my Grandmother's china sets....

...along with some more intriguing things that are a little bit more like her own eclectic style like these leather boots that were my granddaddy's when he was a small child.

These things are very sentimental to us and we are both happy to be able to carry the memories of our grandparents into our homes.


  1. aww how fun! I have to admit...the 'after destruction' stresses me out a little...hahah....

  2. I am glad you guys had a good Christmas! And what great gifts!

  3. I am so happy that you got her furniture. :) That makes me happy. I got her dragon tea set that sat in the living room. She got it as a wedding present from her sister.. It now sits proudly in my living room as a reminder of how special she was. I also ended up with Grandaddy's picture of JFK. It is now in my guest room across from my poster of Marliyn Monroe! HAHAH Ethan is so precious!!


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