Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lola's One!

Today is Lola's 1st birthday! It has been a very interesting year filled with lots of trips outside, a lot of messes inside and some poop eating on the side. Lola is one crazy pup who will always keep us on our toes.

I really wanted to go all out for her birthday with a homemade cake and party hats but my husband thought I was crazy. So I settled on a gift of two toys and 3 purchased "homemade" treats.

These treats seriously smelled good enough to eat. This particular one is a puppy poptart. It smelled like cinnamon goodness to me. I was tempted to try a little piece...but I didn't.

We had a little trouble trying to get her to open her present. She wasn't too sure about the bag. She got one toy out and ran off afraid that we would take it away from her. It took a few minutes to get her back in the room to get the other toy out of the bag. She had a blast! There's nothing she loves more than to be the center of attention and today she definitely was!

Happy Birthday Day Lola!

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