Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Irony of Last Year's Resolution

It's that time of year where we find ourselves reflecting on what has happened over these last soon to be 365 day and what we want to happen in the next 365. I decided to read my resolutions from last year (here) to see how I did and oh did I do well!

  • "In 2009 I would like to find a more healthy balance between extended family time and me and Michael time." - This is both a check and fail. Due to some family issues I have spent less time with certain parts of it this year which freed up an enormous amount of me and Michael time. On the other hand, these last few months we've been living with dad (fail).

  • "I'd like to put less miles on my car and enjoy relaxing at home on the weekends a little more." - This one was easy since work consumed the first half of the year and we moved back the last half of the year!

  • "I want to enjoy more pajama days and realize that some things can be put off just a little while longer. I need to make sure I make time for just me during the day and not feel so bad if I just need to be by myself for a little while." - A husband working nights for the first part of the year and me quitting my job during the last half makes this a check. I'd even say I have a little too much alone time and too many pajama days! Who knew you could have too much of that?

  • "I will try to find happiness in everything that I do even if it requires me to make some changes." - The change ended up being me unemployed. The happiness is amazing!

  • "I will try to "go with the flow" a little bit better and realize some things don't always go as planned. I won't beat myself up when things don't turn out perfect." - I think I have successfully de-stressed now. Being unemployed and realizing you have pretty much lost all control of everything in your life eventually makes you come to this conclusion. It's been a good thing for really has. It was a lesson I desperately needed to learn.

  • "I will learn to let go." - This was my theme for this year and I think my readers have seen me go through with this. It's been a tough process and I'm still learning, but it's been for the best.

The irony of this is that a lot of not so good things happened this year, but the lessons I have learned have improved my life immensely. I guess you should always be careful what you wish for huh? I wonder what next year will bring!

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  1. I definitely agree and need to adopt your happiness resolution!


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