Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Little Christmas and a Little Snow

I feel like I have been in and out of the blogging world lately and it is time to get caught up. Mostly I'm just not in a routine and it doesn't help either that my dad's Internet is intermittent. He just went wireless and I very unsuccessfully set up the router. Five calls to India later and still no luck. It's off and on and if it's after 10:30 PM you are out of luck completely. Oh well. It will get fixed...one day.

It's officially Christmastime! I'm having a little trouble getting into it this year. I believe it's because I'm out of my element. I do have most of my gifts bought thankfully as well as the wrapping paper and Christmas cards. I just need to do something with it all. I even bought Lola a little Christmas jacket. I love it...she hates it. Wrapping, baking and card writing are all overdue at this point. My mission this week.....GET ON IT!

My dad and I went to Home Depot and got him a fake tree that I absolutely love. I'm a real tree girl through and through. It's just not Christmas without the real tree smell, but if I ever need a second one, I believe this one would do just fine.

Isn't it lovely? It came complete with lights, pine cones, berries, and chenille tips. How about that for fancy? Anyways, it's a big upgrade for dad. He hasn't had a tree in his house since the Cedar Tree disaster. And by disaster I mean spiders hatching all over the house. From then on we went treeless at his house or settled on decorating his over sized peace lilly plant. So a big upgrade it is. Now if only I can keep my dog from destroying it.

We finally got our house on the market, which is a huge relief. The realtor sounded like it should sell pretty fast. I hope she's right. I went through the entire house making pictures of everything. I'm terrible at remembering things and wish I had done this with other places I have lived. Here is a picture of the master bedroom, which happens to be my favorite room of the house.

We did end up getting a bit of snow while we were in Knoxville and Lola couldn't wait to get out in it. It reminded me of last year when we first got her and it snowed for what seemed like an eternity. Nothing like taking a puppy the size of your hand out to pee every hour in snow taller than her. She never seemed to mind though. Apparently she is a snow dog at heart. This year she ran around like crazy making doggie angels and rooting around in it.

She came back in soaking wet with snow clumped to her fur. We ended up not having to give her the bath we had desperately needed to give her though so it worked in every one's benefit. (Notice the snow clumps on her front legs)

My goal is to get things back on track and to hop back into my normal routine. Tomorrow I will be starting back up my "What's to Eat? Wednesday" posts so stay tuned!



  2. oh what great pictures!! :) Lola is just so stinkin' cute. love the picture of her running around in the snow. so terrific! i hope that your house sells fast and that you're able to settle in to a new place soon. fingers crossed! -x-

  3. How fun for your dog!
    we are getting snow in the Portland, Or area tonight and tomorrow! I cant wait for my dogs to have some fun!!


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