Friday, December 18, 2009

The Night I Let My Husband Dye My Hair

The title is scary isn't it. Yes, it is and in fact at times, the bathroom looked like a crime scene and I looked like a hot mess. For real.

There was dye on the toilet, dye all over the towel, dye and runny mascara streaking my face and of course the tub. It seemed like it was going to be a complete disaster at times.

Why did I submit myself and my lovely locks to this?

Well, I'll tell you.

$10 versus $80 every 6 weeks. A savings of around $610 a year not including tips (my new hair stylist takes the non monetary kind).

A few years ago I discovered some very unwanted greys located very near the part in my hair. They had to be dealt with. I loved my hair was basically the only thing I was okay with as far as my hair was concerned. It had nice natural highlights and I was totally okay with the dark brown color.

I didn't want any fancy highlights....I mean what options do you have with brown? But I didn't want to pick the wrong color by myself either so I decided to leave it to a professional. What I didn't know was how much it cost.

Prior to the discovery of my greys, I had decided to treat myself to a very nice salon with very trained stylists. My hair is difficult. No one knows how to deal with my curls and certainly no one wants to straighten them correctly. I was usually left to go home and redo my hair from scratch after spending an hour plus in the salon and it was annoying. So when I went to college I decided it was time to find someone who could deal with them correctly and for $40 a pop I found someone who could decently do just that.

When I talked to her about my newly discovered greys she assured me she could take care of them for only a mere $80 not including the $40 cut! My jaw dropped, of course, but what choice did I have?

It continued for awhile, until I started to feel really guilty. That's when I decided to go a little cheaper. I found someone who could do the whole kit and caboodle for around $50. Sold!

It was disastrous. It was the wrong color. The lady was a nut. She couldn't straighten my hair. And on top of that it didn't last.

Back to the professional I went.

She mentioned she hadn't seen me in awhile. I apologized and she left to get my color mixed. That's when the nosey assistant walked over to chat. He started looking at my hair and yelled over to my stylist. "Girl, I don't think this is 3G! Are you sure that's what you put on her last?" My stylist then came over to take a look.

I'd been caught.

She exclaimed "You've been cheating on me!"

My face was red. I swear I could feel everyone in the salon turn to look at me.

I lied. I tried to explain that I had been home over the holidays and had to resort to my hometown stylist. I professed my love to her and told her I would never cheat again.

I was totally caught. I could never leave. I was trapped by my good hair cuts.

Skip forward a few years.

The salon was growing and there were way too many clients. Assistants were doing my hair for the same ungodly prices and I wound up leaving 2.5 hours later with black dye smudged all over my face. It was the final straw. I switched completely. I found someone who could do cut and color for under $100. I was happy.

Then we moved.

Perfect timing to do some experimenting without having to make a commitment. I can try as many colors as I like without having to feel the least bit guilty. I'm tired of the long complicated relationships I can't seem to get out of. I'm just not ready to marry anything yet. Maybe one day I'll find the one, but for now I just want to fool around!

Which led to last night.

It was nerve wrecking, it was fun, it was different. Everything turned out okay. Lessons were learned and things will be better the next time. It's definitely not as good as a professional, but for now I'm okay with my cheap fix.

All photos's were engagement photo's (just because).


  1. That's awesome! I don't know if could put my hair in my hubby's hands...

  2. That is such a good idea! I usually dye my own hair but having my hubs do it would be SO much easier!

  3. That is hilarious! I dont think I could let hubs near my hair but I use to color it on my own all the time to save money!

  4. lol hubs pulls my hair through the cap for me so that I can highlight! I just can't reach the back. He only helps me because he is fully aware of how much going to someone else cost instead of getting the box dye. I was talking to a friend who asked her hair stylist the difference before her and a box of dye... she said you just need to use more conditioner when you rinse it out. DONE! Hubs also got me a gift card for 150 a few years ago to treat myself and get my hair cut and highlighted. He was shocked when I told him the gc was gone!

  5. I hate how stylists get all possessive like that. I'm a free spirit, I wanna get my hair done by whoever I want!!

    When I died my hair when I was pregnant, I had the hubs do it with a semi permanent color and it turned out great!

  6. How incredibly trusting of you! Just don't let him cut it ;)

    Maybe you'll make friends with someone that does hair and they can hook you up! I would look like a cavewoman without mine.

  7. My mom - 84 years old - has been dying her own hair for over 45 years. Me? It is the one perk I allow myself. At 53, I do spend the $120 every six weeks. I figure another few years until my kids are all grown, then I'll grow out my hair and be the old lady with the gray hair in a braid down her back. Take my $120 and buy better wine. Maybe even some makeup.

  8. WOW! You're a trooper, and I glad your husband came through. I'm kind of in that same situation with the stylist commitment I'm not sure I can keep up with! Eeek! Maybe I should get married just so I can get out of it? (KIDDING!)


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