Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank You & Operation: Undercover Pregnancy - Week 4 in Review

Thank you all so much for all the well wishes yesterday. Michael and I are incredibly excited about having a baby and the new house! Just to let you all know, we are tentatively due October 2. We've gotten a due date of September 30 as well. I'm guessing we won't know for sure until we have an ultrasound.

As you can see, I just couldn't blog that last month due to having a little secret I couldn't share. Now that it's out we can go back to normal. Well almost. Since I'm buried under boxes this week, I will be doing some prescheduled posts this week. I blogged each week while I was gone to record what was going on during those first early weeks of pregnancy and I'll be posting those this week while we get our house all set up.

01.21.10 - 01.27.10

This week is full of anticipation. The planner that I am thoughtfully planned out which day was best to procreate using the charting method in the Taking Charge of Your Fertility book. Unfortunately we have to wait till next week for the most accurate results, but I already know. I've already had hints of pregnancy - a heightened sense of smell, a lot of bathroom trips due to all the water I've been craving, and an incredibly hard time getting up in the morning. Lucky for me I'm normally pretty regular so really - I'm pregnant, I know it. I'd be shocked if I wasn't. Next week we will find out for sure and hopefully have a moment of privacy at one of our parents houses so we can properly celebrate.

I'm supposing you might want to know a little bit about how all this occurred (besides the obvious). We had actually decided to go off birth control in November to just let things happen. In fact, we had actually hoped that we would get pregnant in San Francisco so we would have a cool conception story. However, we didn't, which is probably a good thing considering there were lots of good times to be had over the holidays which involved some not so healthy habits for a pregnant lady. Sadly for my future child there is (potentially) no cool conception story. I was (potentially) impregnated at my dad's house which is about as cool of a story as getting knocked up in the back of a car. Oh well.

It's a very exciting, but also nerve-wrecking time. Right now our lives are a little bit of a jumble. We are still currently searching for the perfect home to start our family and I'm still trying to decide if we can afford to have me be a stay at home mom. I'm really hoping that all pans out, but sometimes things have to be done out of necessity.

That's all for now! Hopefully next week we will officially have our answer so we can officially say (to each other) that we have a baby on the way!

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