Thursday, March 18, 2010

Operation: Undercover Pregnancy - Week 6 in Review

02.04.10 - 02.10.10

This week I had my first prenatal appointment. I was very nervous because it was my first time having a man as my OB. My friend recommended him and I figured I might as well get over it because surely through some point during this pregnancy/delivery I will have a male doctor down there. In fact, it turned out to be no big deal at all. I really liked him. He likes salami and banana peppers...I like salami and banana peppers. Unfortunately for me he can still have it (salami) and I can't at this point.

Nothing fun happened at this appointment. I had my blood drawn, my urine tested, and my pap smeared. I realized I needed to come with pen and paper and a list of questions from now on. I was totally unprepared. The next appointment is March 4th where we will get to hear the heartbeat for the first time.

I'm starting to wonder about how we are going to tell everyone. Being the center of attention is not my idea of fun so to tell you the truth it makes me nervous. I'm guessing by March 4th (which should be 10 weeks) we will be bursting at the seams to tell. Plus, you know, I'm really dying to let the little secret out on my blog because I'm seriously running out of writing material having to edit this out for the time being.

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, I guess the major one is that it's been really hard to eat this week. No vomiting, thank God! But I definitely feel nauseated all the time. I've figured out it's best to eat a little bit every few hours and drink lots and lots of water!

I've caught up on some "What to Expect When Expecting" reading this week and actually feel calmer about the whole thing. Apparently I wasn't as out of the loop as I thought and most of the stuff I read just put my mind at ease.

We made it through the superbowl party, but not without the lack of alcoholic beverage in my hand going unnoticed. I'm pretty sure my Uncle and Aunt now know my little secret. Dad should know too by this point if he isn't in too much of denial.

Towards the end of this week, I've actually not been as tired as I was. Sometimes I do require naps during the day and I may be a little bit more lazy than usual, but I don't feel like I've pulled an all nighter every day so that's good.

This week we also pegged down the new house. Another thing to check off the list! The best part is that everyone is wanting to move asap so we should be in there in about 3 weeks possibly.

My concerns now are mostly on the finances since this house payment will obviously be larger than our condo as well as the down payment is using up a lot of our savings. We will also be needing new furniture and I'm sure there will be lots of things we have to buy for the new baby as well. But, I'm trying not to consume myself with worry at this point.

I'm starting to worry about my lack of exercising as well as just exactly what I should be eating. I think I might get some yoga dvds once we move into the new house and start walking some more. As far as nutrients go, I'm probably lacking a little bit in the protein area. Meat disgusts me right now, especially red meat. I mostly just want to eat cold things such as fruit or jello, vegetable side dishes, or crackers.

Other than that everything is going well. Now if only I could get my attention span and memory back. I swear I feel more and more out of it everyday. One minute I have a thought...the next nothing. Hello, is anyone home???? Oh, the joys of pregnancy.

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