Monday, March 29, 2010

Top 3 Stories of the Weekend

We had a pretty nice and relaxing weekend. We got the garage cleaned up and had decent enough weather to grill out. I even made an attempt to start cooking again by trying out some new recipes which you will be seeing on the next few upcoming Wednesdays. I'll spare you most of the boring details and just share our top 3 stories of the weekend...

Apparently We Are the Neighborhood Property Destroyers:
I believe I forgot to mention that we met our first neighbor the day we moved in. He came over to politely inform us that our moving truck (which happened to be a ridiculously over sized semi) hit his brick mailbox knocking it off it's base. I was dealing with the moving company the whole next week trying to get everything settled and once they came out they decided they would deny the claim because they couldn't figure out how the driver could have possibly hit it (which would have been a challenge seeing as in it was on a curve, I have to admit). So awesome....we have a neighbor 1.

This weekend we had a major wind storm and while reading in bed I heard a major noise. I stepped outside to find that our umbrella (which was down by the way) had flown over the fence. I had a terrifying thought that it had somehow made it's way over another fence or even worse made it through another window. Thankfully I found it in my neighbors unfenced yard right on their porch. No damage, thank God! I didn't need to piss off neighbor number 2 with more property damage.

Our Dog is a Nut:
Lola constantly entertains me but yesterday she was over the top. We were watching some animal show on TV and she tried to literally chase a cheetah. She then proceeded to prop her front feet on the TV console and pressed her nose almost to the screen to watch the show. She looked under the TV and behind it to try to find the animals and when that didn't work she proceeded to bark like crazy.

A Nice View:
While eating Sunday dinner at my Aunts house amidst her array of fine china, silver, and crystal glasses. We got a nice view of the neighbor kid sneaking to her backyard to take a leak. As he finished shaking it off my family all made our way to the back porch to give him a round of applause. Crazily enough he seemed awful proud of himself. He looked about 16 so that probably explains the "I Don't Give A Crap" attitude.


  1. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe the 16 year old wasn't at all embarrassed! That is crazy!

    Lola sounds like a hoot! I love that she was looking for the animals around the TV that is so funny!

    I am glad that your umbrella didn't damagae any other property...I wonder if the neighbor just assumed it was the moving truck when really it was a 16 year old driving unsafely? I hope things get better! xoxo, KA

  2. lol!! how eventfull!!

  3. LOL crazy teenager! I love it. And I'm excited that you're reading Dry! I thought it was great :) Can't wait to see your review on it.

  4. what a nice combination of mini stories! maybe you can bake some cupcakes for your neighbor. it won't make up for the mailbox but maybe they'll see that you're trying? good luck!


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