Monday, November 8, 2010

Ethan's 1 Month Old!


This has been a whirlwind of a month for all of us. Part of me can't believe that you have been here for a whole month another part of me feels like you have been with us so much longer. I have no idea what we did with all our time before you arrived!

You have been an absolute joy and already have everyone wrapped around your tiny little finger. I never knew that I could love someone so much, so fast. In fact, you make me want more of little ones just like you ASAP (then the sleep deprived me reminds me that I'm crazy and that I shouldn't rush things :) )

You have already changed so much in this first month and accomplished so many things. You have successfully gone from breastfeeding, to bottle feeding, to pacifier sucking with absolutely no problems. You are really starting to focus on objects placed in front of you (your favorite thing to stare at is me!). You love your activity mat and of course your swing.

You've been plagued with vicious hiccups that you hate, diaper rash, and gas. Your fingernails grow at the speed of light and you happen to be really good and patient while I file them. You've gotten several baths and have come to love the warm water. You still have a touch of baby acne and some peely skin, but no worries, momma's got you covered in lotion!

We have successfully gotten you on a feeding schedule and have found out that you have an internal alarm clock that goes off about 20 minutes before each feeding. We have been attempting to drop the 2AM feeding and as of today you have been making it until about 3:45 before you realize that it's been skipped.

Sleep is still an issue. You can't sleep without your paci and you tend to drop that every 5 minutes or so sometimes. Slowly but surely we are getting longer periods of sleep though and I have faith that you'll be sleeping through the night by Christmas. As of the end of this month you have grown out of your napper in the pack and play. I'm still a little too scared to put you in that big ole crib all by yourself so now you are sleeping in the larger part of the pack and play in our room after I originally swore that I would kick you out of our room after night two.

We have also gotten you out of the house several times and have found that you are a wonderful shopper! You love to suck on your little monkeys that are attached to your carseat and pretty much sleep through any trip as long as we keep you moving. We've even eaten out a couple times now without a breakdown! I love you so much and look forward to all the new experiences we both will share in month 2!!!

Mom (It still feels weird to call myself that!)

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