Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our First Date Night

Last Saturday Michael and I actually escaped the house and our baby duties to have a little date night. It was spectacular although we did push our limits on staying out late. We didn't get back till 11PM....I almost fell asleep at dinner. Um, I think we are definitely old people now.

We had a fun date. We went to the Cheekwood Mansion in Nashville to view the Chiluly Exhibit. The home was beautiful and was filled with all different types of art exhibits including a Fabrege exhibit.

The Chiluly Exhibit was located mostly outside in the gardens. Mr. Chiluly makes beautiful glass sculptures and shares his talent throughout the world. Here is a picture or two of his lovely pieces.

Afterwards I did have to take a on a mom duty and figure out pumping on the go. I wanted to pump in the dark parking lot, Michael thought I should pump while he drove us to thanks hubs! I could just see us having a crash and me being found with the pump attached to my breasts. How embarrassing would that be? I made him push back our reservations and pumped in secrecy in the dark parking lot.

We had a wonderful dinner at Amerigos and I even got my first glass of wine. Let's just say I'm definitely a cheap date now. One glass will do it for me. It even burned a little going's been way too long.

It was so nice to have a normal conversation and to eat uninterrupted. I did miss my little guy though...I called and checked in on him twice and gave him several hugs and kisses once we got home. I love my new mommy life, but it was nice to just be the two of us again for a few hours. Looking forward to another date night in the future!

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