Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lola and Baby

There's someone else around here who hasn't been getting too good of sleep either. In fact her little eye's look just as red as ours sometimes.

The first night we brought Ethan home was not really what you would consider a success. Lola had been by herself a little too long due to the unexpected extra day in the hospital thanks to the c-section. I had originally planned that she would be with my dad the whole time, but when it came down to it she did have to spend one night alone in the house. Let's just say she was a little too amped up to even meet Ethan that first night. Michael and I headed to our room with Ethan while the grandparents played with her and got some energy out.

The next day she was finally settled down enough to notice Ethan's presence. Her first reaction was curiosity. Thankfully she was gentle..she still to this day has not jumped on him which was my worst fear from the get go. She did bark at him though when he cried and put her paws up on the pack and play to check out what the heck was making all that noise. In fact she even stayed out in the living room with Ethan instead of sleeping with us the first few nights.

Next we moved into the jealousy faze. Both set of parents had treated her like the grandchild until Ethan was born. We tried to tell them it was important to continue to greet her first and give her the same amount of attention as they had before, but the Ethan excitement overwhelmed them and they of course overlooked the white furry thing for the most part. My mom did bring her a present though the second night and she was immediately attacked with hugs and kisses from the beans (aka Lola). Gift bags with goodies and tissue paper are the way to her heart after all!

She then entered into the "I'm just going to pretend you don't exist" faze which quickly lead to the "Please stop crying I'm too tired to deal with this" faze. She moans and groans at night and gets quite an attitude when Ethan has a fussy night. She will resort to going under the bed or even leaving the room completely to try to get some peace.

I believe we are moving towards acceptance though. It seems like these days she just wants to be included and not overlooked. I do my best to try to give her some attention, but I have to admit that I'm spread a little thin these days. Nap times for us tend to be the best cuddle time. All in all she is becoming a little more of an independent dog and less of a velcro dog.

Oh, Lola....maybe one day things will be a little bit more back to day.

 I promise we haven't forgotten about you!


  1. It definitely seems like you're headed in the right direction. The pictures are really adorable! (Especially the one with the boppy) Hopefully things keep going well. At least she's not jumping up, like you feared.


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