Monday, November 22, 2010

One Thanksgiving Down...Two to Go!

My mom's Thanksgiving was Saturday and I can't tell you how nervous I was about managing Ethan and keeping him and my boobs happy and on schedule. Things went pretty good considering it was our first time being with a large group of people and out of our comfort zone.

I went over to mom's early without Michael (he was hunting) to try and be helpful. I wasn't as helpful as I wanted to be considering most of my time was spent taking care of Ethan, but I did get to do a few things for her. It mostly ended up helping me and Ethan get settled before everyone else got there.

I found that mom had saved the day by purchasing Ethan a little table top swing. It kept him happy and my hands free for a little bit. I discovered that it might be more helpful to bring extra milk along next time so I can pump at more convenient times while we are displaced. I had brought one extra bag of frozen milk which sadly ended up leaking during the thawing process. I now know where the expression of crying over spilt milk comes from especially since for whatever reason I was producing even less than normal that day. I barely make enough to satisfy him as it is (TMI?).

Ethan did really well. We got to show him off to family and we made it through the day with minimum crying and without messing up his cute outfit. He was exhausted afterwards and ended up pretty much sleeping through the night only waking up for 2 diaper changes and a feeding. 

Thursday will be a new test for us. We are spending the night at my dads (no swing to save the day there!!!) and going to two different family functions. It's amazing how tricky it is to schedule your day outside of the home.

Wish us good luck!

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