Friday, November 19, 2010

Newborn Session & Wellness Checkup

Ethan and I had a super fun time at our newborn photo session. I have to admit I was a little nervous about how it would go. He was only 9 days old and we were still getting to know each other and I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep him happy and get him to cooperate, but thankfully everything went well and we got some good shots.

The photographer was Jenna Henderson from JHenderson Studios. She is actually a friend from high school and I think she has done a wonderful job. She even shared the magic of the hair dryer with me. It was the secret to keeping Ethan warm and happy throughout the session.

There was lots of pee and poop. The moby wrap, my chair, the floor, the sheepskin rug, and Michael all got soaked. I guess that's just what happens with warm, naked newborns. I just laughed because I've discovered sometimes, that's all you can do really.

I'm looking forward to our next session at 3 months and to really capture all of his little changes throughout this first year!

We also had Ethan's check-up yesterday (which thankfully to my surprise did not include any shots). I have been super worried about his weight because it has been on the low end, but the doctor said he was doing just fine.

He was born at 8lbs 7oz, had fallen to 7lbs 15oz when we left the hospital, and is now up to 9.5lbs at a month and a half which puts him in the 22.5 percentile.

It seems that all of his growth has gone to his length. He was born 20.5in long and is now up to 22.75in long. This puts him in the 71 percentile.

We will be heading back to the doctor the second week of December to begin the dreaded shots. Thankfully we are doing the Sears method and get to spread them out a little bit which will hopefully make things a little easier.

Well it sounds like someone's up from naptime...time to feed!

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