Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Randoms

This Tennessee weather has been killing me lately. Glorious 60 degree weather one day then 25 degree snowy weather the next. Bam! I've got a cold! Seriously nose like a faucet. Ugh. Let's just hope E doesn't get it although I bet that's nearly impossible to avoid.

Today is bread making day here. This is about the third round of bread I've made (really the 7th and 8th loaf) since starting our "real" foods diet. I've always loved baking cakes but baking bread is a whole new animal that I need to learn the rules for. If any of you have websites or books you recommend I'm all ears. I'm also discovering my Kitchen Aid mixer is too small to make multiple loafs at once and have started to think about a bread machine although I'm not sure of it's benefits?

I'm in progress of backing up all of our pictures and videos from last year. I've totally revamped my organizational system for pictures after seeing what a huge project our year end photo book is going to be for 2011. Let's just say I haven't made it past Easter when it comes to just selecting pictures for the book....yeah I'm still not even anywhere near putting the pages together. Ugh. I think one of my biggest fears is that one day I'll lose all my pictures since I never print them out. I've currently got them saved on Kodak gallery and an external hard drive. I've now decided that I will also be burning them to DVD's as well. Everything just seems like it may one day go "technically" out of date or break and that makes me twitchy. As for the videos....I don't have an online place to save them. Any suggestions? What's your way of saving your videos?

It's almost time for Lent and I've had the hardest time deciding on what to give up this year. I normally give up caffeine, alcohol or junk food but seeing as how I no longer consume any of those things I'm having a hard deciding just what to do. My husband mentioned giving up our cable for a month, but um, I think the silence might drive me mad. I'm thinking giving up desserts sounds more doable. Yes, I know dessert isn't exactly on the "real" foods bandwagon, but hey, I have a major sweet tooth that I just can't seem to kick. As long as Easter is before my birthday I think I might be telling desserts goodbye for 40 days. 


  1. Yes, the weather in TN has been so up and down! I was really looking forward to some snow and while pretty wish it had stuck!

  2. I too was looking where to put all of my videos...with the intention that I might want to make some available for future vlogging. I looked at YouTube as that is the most natural choice, but I could not limit my user name and thus was too public as it was tied to google and everything else. I found VIMEO to be fabulous! Privacy settings were easy to use. Make some private and others not. Check it out.

    For lent maybe consider Sugar instead of desserts. Allows you to still have some sweets, but not the sugar. Just a thought!

  3. Bread machines are great! We have one and it makes the job so much easier!

  4. Bread machine all the way. Most often, I just use the dough cycle and still bake it in the oven ... it gives it more of that homemade texture, I find. But it mixes/kneads/rises for you so it's great. Also, find one with a timer so you can delay the start if you want.

  5. Girl, without caffeine, alcohol and junk food you should feel great about what you're going without! What about giving up something that is more emotional/mental like being _______ (insert some word like mean, jealous, whatever - not that you are those things, just an example of what I mean!) That is what I am considering because I think it would be so hard but good.

  6. I hope you feel better girly.
    And homemade bread is always the best. YUM!


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