Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Traveling on a Whole Food's Diet

Traveling is a whole new ball game these days. I remember feeling so excited to take a weekend road trip when it was just me and Michael. Everything was so easy and seamless....carefree you might say. These days the word carefree is not even in our vocabulary. With a baby, a type-A mama and a new way of eating I was a stressful mess the day we were set to leave on our family road trip.

We've traveled as a family of three twice before, but this trip was a little different since we were staying with family members and things were a little more out of our control (we all know how I love that). My biggest worry was about food for a couple of reasons. I refuse to feed my baby crap fast food and when Ethan wants to eat he wants to eat. He has yet to learn how to "go with the flow" so I always feel the need to be very prepared. We are also on a budget and trying our best to stay away from fast food so I needed options for us to eat in the car on our way there and back.

I packed a ton of options so we would all be satisfied and not bored with what I brought. I was happy with all the choices I packed, however, next time I will probably bring less of each option to save on space. I packed a variety of fruit and veggies, a pasta and a veggie salad, milk and water, granola, cheese, oatmeal, yogurt, hummus, cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, jelly, organic cheddar bunnies, bread and tortillas. I also made sure to bring paper towels and utensils. 

One thing I learned is that it would probably be better to assemble the wraps and sandwiches before we left so I didn't have to do it in the car. I had at least pre chopped all the veggies and fruit so they were all handy. I look forward to traveling in the summer when we can stop at a rest area with picnic tables because car eating is not as much fun as I thought it would be. We used the booster seat for Ethan which was fabulous, but peanut butter did end up covering my car door and window. Ick. 

Our trip went very smoothly and I contribute part of that to me being very prepared. I didn't have to worry about what time everything was happening or where we were going because I had options always ready for Ethan when he needed/wanted them. It helped me to relax and enjoy the trip and not feel like that pain in the ass that has to control every aspect. 

I can't say that I stuck to my new whole foods diet on this trip. It's amazingly hard when you are out of your element and eating out to make the right choices. Ethan, however, did not have a diet change on our vacation because of my preparedness. Well, that is if you don't count the little bite of king cake that I absolutely would not deny him of!


  1. Travelling with a toddler in tow is definitly a lot of work! Good for you for sticking to your whole foods ways! I can't say I've done the same when we've travelled! :/

  2. Wow we have a lot in common, from the type A personality to trying to keep my munchkin on a healthy diet even when we are traveling.

    It is hard though and I do not do near as well as you, but I refuse to let mine grow up on crap too.

    Might I add that in 14 months we have traveled very little 9sad I know). I hope to change that soo and you road food ideas will come in handy.

  3. I love that you had such a great variety prepared. We travel a state over to visit our families pretty often and I always have plenty of food but some variety would be nice. I also like that you included pasta!

  4. Nice job! We do the same thing: plan ahead, grocery shop on vacation instead of restaurants, and picnic on healthy food. It takes time to plan and prepare, but sooo worth it.

  5. You rock mama!!! I tried so hard to do something similar with my girls when we went to Disney last May but I failed miserably! I think it makes things easier for the kid(s) when we stick to a "normal" state of being while traveling and that totally includes what foods they usually eat!! I commend you for being so well prepared!!

  6. Good for you being so prepared! I wouldn't expect anything less :) Love the photos in this post. Such a beautiful family!


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