Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunshine is Good for the Soul

Ethan and I have a new resolution which is simply to get out more. Today we spent a good hour and a half at the park enjoying this incredible February weather.

We watched a man fish...

...collected rocks and sticks...

...and threw them in the river, which I'm sure the fisherman appreciated. 

Ethan timidly checked out the puddles. I've been anxious for puddle season. Yes, there is such a thing as puddle season. It's called spring and I've been dying for Ethan to be old enough to jump in one.

He's not quite ready to jump, but he danced.....

...and splashed.

I'm pretty sure those size 5 suede baby Van's will never quite recover. It's okay. We are in the market for size 6 rain boots anyways.

Ethan finger painted for the first time and chased me with messy hands.

We spotted "wild" animal prints...

...and left a few of our own.

I had so much fun today with my little guy. It was nice letting him do whatever his little heart desired. My only request was to "stay on the path" and of course that's hard for a little boy full of wonder to do.

I'm pretty sure he had a blast regardless. 

Sunshine really is good for the soul!


  1. It looks like he had tons of fun! We centred outside for a while today too, I am actually excited to post about it, when I can get on the computer, lol!

  2. Your idea to get out more is such a good one! Today the weather was gorgeous and even just running errands with my windows down was refreshing! We have the windows open and the sunshine and warmer air was good for my soul, too!

  3. Too cute. The very last picture is my favorite.

  4. I am 100% ticked at everyone who is posting all these amazing photos of their kids in short sleeves, themselves wearing flip flops and walking on the beach. IT IS STILL WINTER WHERE I AM (granted a very warm and spoiled winter).

    Getting outside is just so good for the soul.

    And I agree with Katie, that last picture is presh.

  5. It warms my heart to see a little boy that is able to be a little boy, playing in puddles and all!! You are such a sweet mom!

  6. So cute!!! What a great day to be a little boy!

  7. couldn't agree more! The weather today was awesome and we enjoyed outside time too! Great pics

  8. Giada and I went outside for about 10min yesterday, and the wind almost knocked us over and we half froze to death. I'm so glad you guys had a blast at the park. Ethan looks like he is having the time of his life playing in mud :-)

  9. Great pictures of your little guy! We have had mild weather too, which has been great to get outside in.

    Stopping over from Natalie's!

  10. This makes me super excited about this spring! We'll have to all get the babies and boys together for picnics and puddle fun!

  11. Yay! That was a special date turned out great with a small, adorable guy. :)

    Your baby is so cute and I love the idea of you taking him out to explore things too. :)


  12. I love all the pics of Ethan. He looks like he is all boy and loves to get dirty! It is definitely a boy thing!

  13. This is absolutely precious. What a wonderful day!


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