Thursday, March 8, 2012

Guest Post: My Grey Hairs Are A Direct Correlation To These 3 Toddler-isms by AP from ILMTC

Today ya'll are in for a real treat because AP from I Love You More Than Carrots is guest posting today! We've been bloggy friends for quite sometime now and I just know you all will love her as much as I do. Be sure to leave her lots of love and head on over to her place after you read this post first of course!


Hi there! I'm AP and you can often catch me word vomiting over at my little slice of Blog Heaven known as I Love You More Than Carrots. I'm wife to The Husband and Mama to The Toddler, a 19-month old towhead who is the size of a 4 year old. No jokes. Some days, however, it feels like I'm much less The Mama and much more The Employee of The Toddler Slave Driver. 

As you can tell by that darling head shot up there, I'm also expecting baby boy number 2 whom we loving refer to as M2 because I cannot, for the life of me, get The Husband to agree on a baby name. 

Squishy hugs and sloppy Toddler kisses to Laura for allowing me to hijack her Thursday on My Thoughts - Uninterrupted. Laura and I go way back- back to when our lives were solely focused around Lola and Sheepie. I can hardly remember those days and I'm so thankful we blogged our way through them to remind ourselves of our simpler, skinnier and more carefree youth. 

Today I'm here to write about my three, count 'em, THREE grey hairs and speculate as to just how I may have gotten them. After all, I blame The Toddler. 

1. Kamikaze Acts of Toddler Fearlessness

I would venture to say that this may be the number one cause of my grey hairs. What kamikaze acts am I referring to, you ask? Oh, simply the ones that land my Toddler perched precariously on the back of the living room loveseat, simultaneously clutching a Sharpie Marker and Toddler spoon from-god-knows-where and pointing to the canvases hung high above his head, shouting "Baby! Baby! Me?" 

It is during these moments that I calmly ask The Toddler "Which ER would you prefer Mama to bring you to?" I have a funny feeling we'll have a preference nailed down in no time. 

2. Toddler Meal Time Defiance

I once prided myself on having a non-picky eater. In fact, up until two weeks ago, The Toddler would eat just about anything and everything I placed on his plate. This includes but is not limited to broccoli, salmon, cabbage, beets and any form of chicken be it grilled, boiled, shredded, etc. I do believe I once haphazardly and now quite regretfully exclaimed that it felt as if I had won The Toddler Eating Lottery since my child was so unbiased in his food du jour. 

Well, that all came to a screeching halt one morning late last week when The Toddler refused not only yogurt, waffles and scrambled eggs for breakfast but also bananas and apples which, mind you, as each was prepared and placed before him, he lovingly cast aside to the dog. It wasn't until I threw my hands into the air, exclaimed "SH*T, I'M ALL OUT OF IDEAS" and after 45 minutes decided to focus on my own breakfast of cinnamon oatmeal that I heard that resounding Toddler voice croak out the words "more? mama? more?" 

3. The Toddler Blur

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have overheard this Mama and I discussing The Toddler Blur. I coined that phrase in reference to how The Toddler appears during approximately 96% of his waking hours. That 4% of non-blur time is typically when he's seated in his high chair refusing to eat the meal du jour. 

You see, I happen to offer vendor services for a little side photography business that I launched last June. In exchange for clothing, Carter will often "model" samples and in return I professionally edit the photos and send them off to whichever company lovingly sent them to use for sales and marketing purposes. It goes without saying that in an hours time I will often walk away from an hour-long session with over 250 pictures. 

Just guess how many of those pictures are successful at capturing not only his charm and good looks but also whatever he's wearing. Did you guess? Was it 7? Because you'd be dead on. The other 143 pictures look as if I was chasing a short-all clad Tasmanian devil around my backyard. 

Needless to say if The Toddler keeps these behaviors up, I will be fully grey by the time he reaches pre-school. And let's not even talk about puberty. 

Happy Thursday! 


  1. So glad you're here AP and I totally relate to your toddler stories. I actually avoid looking at the top of my head in hopes that if I don't look, the gray hairs won't be there!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm so honored that Laura asked me to guest blog! (Albeit a bit nervous!) Haha.. You're onto something.. Maybe if I don't look, I can just pretend they aren't there?!

  2. grey hairs suck! i hear you get your hair from your mom's side and my mom didn't go grey until well after 50 so why do I have them now???

    maybe the toddler cast is giving me the grey

    1. Same!! My Mom is just NOW going grey! I so thought there was hope... Ha! And I have to agree- I'm fairly certain Casts rank right up there with Kamikaze Acts of Defiance ;)

  3. Ugh...i have a few grays too. Why do they insist on showing up right in the front?! I contribute at least one of them to the toddler bedtime power struggle ritual we go through every night. Hang in there, and a big shout out to hair color!
    P.s. i have a Carter, too :)

    1. Ahh, the bedtime power struggle! I almost forgot about that one.. Oh, the powers of a good selective memory, no?! Love another Carter! It was a family name for us- I'm so glad we were able to use it! Of course, it was the ONLY boy name we agreed on.. Uh-Oh! Thanks so much for reading!

  4. These toddler boys keep us on our toes don't they? Great to see you over at Laura's blog AP! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Natalie! It's so true.. I can't wait to see how much more grey comes with baby boy #2! Ha! ;)

  5. Alright, we are 2 and a half weeks away from official toddlerhood and I can feel the grey hairs forming already :) Oy, at least I have you all to comfort me! HA! Wonderful post AP!

    Laura, hope your week has been fabulous so far!

  6. Oh, AP, how you have me terrified now. :) I just tell the Hubs I continually will dye my hair forever so I'll never know when I get a grey hair. :)

  7. You lucky girl! I can't blame my greys (that came at 25) on Tyler - just horrible genetics. But it's a good excuse to escape the real world and spend a few hours at the salon.

    I feel your pain. I need a fanny pack or something to carry around a first aid kit at all times. Couch diving and food refusal are our two favorites these days.


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