Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Tisket, A Tasket - What's in E's Easter Basket?

Let's talk about Easter Baskets shall we?

Usually I'm the crazy person running around last minute because I haven't found all of my perfectly researched and thought out items for whatever holiday has come around. (I don't just buy stuff willy nilly folks.) In fact, last year...I didn't even get Ethan an Easter basket.


Shh...we don't have to tell right?

Anyways... I was determined to step up my game and actually do something for my sweet little guy this year. So, my determined self decided to start collecting things for said Easter basket back around the 1st of March. The only problem is that Easter is candy holiday and I don't know about your 18 month old, but mine isn't eating candy. That just seems like a whole new level of mommy torture. I can barely keep up with him as it is without him being all sugared up. So,  I had to use my mommy noggin to come up with some alternative ideas.

Basket from Target $2.50

I think I did pretty well right? And don't worry, the messy but obligatory Easter grass will also be added before the big day!

Here's a more detailed list of what all I found. Most of this stuff was fairly cheap with a few "I just couldn't help myself" items thrown in.

1. Old Fashioned Trapeze Toy - World Market - $6.99
2. Coloring books - Walmart - $0.99
3. Angry Birds mini kite - Walmart - $0.97
4. No Spill Bubbles - Walmart - $1.99
5. Triangular No roll crayons - Walmart - $2.89
6. Wind up monkey swim toy -  World Market - $4.99
7. (Not Pictured/In Transit) - Todd Parr Feelings Flash Cards - Amazon - $10 

I can't wait to enjoy all of these fun little items with E. Hopefully they will keep us busy for at least a week or two! What are you including in your little one's Easter basket this year?


  1. I had the lady trapeze toy growing up, what a fun toy!! Cute basket, he will love it!

  2. Love that monkey!

    Basket looks great! Our basket was a flop last year too, but hey, the kiddo didn't seem to mind!

    This year I've been collecting little toys for a rainy day for a while now and they are all just going to end up in there!

    Should be fun this year!

  3. Great ideas! You just motivated this easter bunny!

  4. very cute. you just reminded me that i need to finish bg's up. fortunately i'm almost done as opposed to running around like a chicken with my head cut off last minute like i was last year!

  5. Sooo cute! I need to work on peebs basket STAT

  6. Which part of Walmart did you find the kite?


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