Monday, March 19, 2012

Me and E are Headed for the Big "D"...and I Don't mean Dallas!

If you've ever wondered why there is such a thing as table etiquette just try eating with a toddler at dinnertime. Whether we are at home or out to eat there is always some sort of toddler destruction at mealtime. 

Ethan has always been a wonderful eater. That is, at least until about a month ago. He's still not super picky on food, but apparently he has decided that he only requires two meals a day. At dinnertime he would prefer to just drink his meal in liquid form. I have to admit that sometimes a liquid dinner would make me happy too except mine would consist of wine or Appletini's instead of milk but that's neither here nor there. 

I think what we are on the brink of is the dreaded "D" word....discipline...and I don't mean the "no, no" stuff I mean the time to be consistent, time for consequences type. Pre-E I always thought I would run a tight ship, but present day me knows that even though the tossing of food and refusal to eat anywhere expect on my lap and off my plate is beyond annoying the present day me also knows that the "D" word is going to bring an all new kind of hell. 

Can I be honest? I've gotten a bit soft. And maybe, even more truthfully, I've just been putting it off.

Let's not kid ourselves. I know that discipline is a necessary evil. It's a vital role of being a parent and I do not take it lightly. I just know that it's going to bring a lot of screaming, quick exits, uncomfortable stares from strangers and tears from both me and E before we get it all figured out. 

I think it's time to hit the books and gather a plan of action. Everyone told me that 18 months to 3 years would be a roller coaster of a ride and now...I fully believe them. So many rules, so many feelings and such a small vocabulary makes for one big mess for sure. 

You know what else present day me thinks? 

There will be a lot of Appletini's in my near future. Bottoms up!


  1. I would love to hear how you approach this and tackle it :) my 15 month old is already hitting terrible twos :/ she is 15 mos going on 10 lol

  2. If you need an appletini friend, im your gal :) read up, stay strong and stick w it. Hard work for the short term means easier work long term!

  3. I love the title of this post and we are right there ourselves!

    These little people are surely going to give us a run for our money so enjoy your appletinis luv! And let us know what you find effective. What books do you plan on reading?

  4. Bottoms up mama! J is throwing more and more tiny tantrums and the stubborn is starting to brew. Just step back and breathe deep. You got this! Good luck and stay strong, we aren't too far behind ya. Hopefully appletinis are the perfect cure :)

  5. This is part of a mother's sweet challenges with babies. :)

    Don't worry when people look your way. I think every parent had a fair share of such thing. Cheers to appletinis. LOL


  6. At our 12 month check-up, our pediatrician recommended starting time out with P. P is a quick one, and will definitely be a child that has his terrible two's in his one's (what am I saying? he IS having them). Check out Screamfree Parenting. It's a great read on discipline.


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