Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guest Post: On Prioritizing Time by Laura from The B Family Blog

How are you all enjoying the guest posting series so far? I know I'm loving it! Today's guest blogger is Laura from The B Family Blog. I very recently found Laura's blog and am so glad I did. Not only does she have a fabulous name, but she also has one very cute little girl! Be sure to head on over to her place after you read this post and check out all of her other great stuff. 


Hi!  I’m Laura from “The B Family Blog” and I’m so excited to be guest posting for the other Laura today!  I’m a full time working Mama to my beautiful 17 month old daughter Olivia and wife to my awesome husband Joe.  This is my first time guest blogging so, be nice and leave me some love! 

Lately around the blog-o-sphere there’s been a lot of talk about prioritizing your time as a mother so I thought I’d share my insight and some things that our family does to ensure that we aren’t “stealing” time from our daughter or each other.  Fits nicely since that’s why Laura is taking a little blogging break to organize things and find her groove! 

Bottom line, social media is addicting! 

Having a smart phone, the internet is just a touch away and it’s SO easy to check into Twitter, Facebook, BabyCenter or Instagram (just to name a few of my own personal favorites!) whenever you feel like it.  It’s so easy that I found myself reading status’ and looking at IG pictures without even realizing it.  I’d comment and “oooh and aaah” over other people’s kids without even realizing that I was taking time away from my own precious child who was right in front of me! 

My husband and I were both on vacation last week from work and got to spend the entire uninterrupted week with our little family and it was pretty awesome.  We made it a point to focus on each other and Olivia and not let the week slip away while we played on our phones or computers.  So, Friday afternoon when we got home from work, we made a conscious decision to not turn click on apps every 2 seconds to “check in” or post a picture etc.  …and I have to say, it was NICE!  We spent the week together as a family doing fun things and didn’t feel the need to stop and use our phones for anything since the most important people were already there!

We also got up earlier (I know “on vacation?!?!”) to do things we wanted without taking time away from our family activities.  Before Olivia even woke up, I’d showered, gotten dressed, had coffee, read a little and checked out facebook.  Once she was awake, our time was 100% hers.  …and that, my friends, is exactly how it should be. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy connecting with my friends on facebook and looking at pictures on IG, etc., but MY daughter, my adorable, growing, blossoming, impressionable daughter is right there in front of me and she’s better than all of that! 

I never want to look back on these years and wonder what I missed because I was too busy being selfish.  I don’t want Olivia’s image of me to be with a cell phone in my hand.  I want her to know me as an engaged Mama who gets down on the floor or in the grass or on the swing and PLAYS with her.  I want her to always feel my undivided attention.

I know everyone tells you when you’re a parent that “time goes by so fast” and they are absolutely right.  Time DOES go by fast.  Kids learn new things every single day and I don’t want to miss anything.     


  1. I'm learning that getting up early is the secret to getting things done! Thanks so much for guest posting today!

  2. Great point, Laura, and this is something I'm having to remind myself of! You're right, it's just so easy to be distracted with the internet, especially with smart phones.

  3. Getting up early works for me too! Always nice to have the first few quiet moments of the day to yourself so you have more to give to everyone else. Great post

  4. Everyone keeps saying to get up earlier, it's just so hard! HA! I think you might be onto something though :) wonderful post!

  5. Such a great post!! Real life and friends/family should always come before the internet!


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