Monday, April 2, 2012

The Hunt

Yesterday Ethan had his first Easter Egg hunt. It may sound silly, but I was very excited for this moment. I have very fond memories of egg hunts. They were a pretty big ordeal for my family. We weren't just hunting for candy. No. We were hunting for cold hard cash. Everyone always throughly enjoyed the event from the hunters to the hiders, you could really feel the excitement.

Annual Easter picture on my grandparents front porch. I'd be the little girl on the end on your right in the white dress. This was the original easter egg hunting crew minus a couple of older kids!

I've always looked forward to being on the other side; hiding eggs as the kids anxiously waited inside or sneakily peeked around the corner of the house trying to scout out where the best eggs were hidden. It was a pretty long wait as I was one of the youngest of the bunch, but we finally reproduced enough hunters of own to put on a pretty decent egg hunt this year! 

Ethan was the youngest this year so I made sure we practiced a little bit before we left the house. I "hid" a couple of eggs (or "balls" as Ethan referred to them as) around the living room. I made sure he was aware there were treats inside and he got his first taste of delicious candy (I know, I 18 month old and candy don't mix, but you do what you gotta do to win right?). Unfortunately, I chose to do this right before what was suppose to be nap time, but thankfully he FINALLY passed out on the way. Shew. Melt down averted.

I had a blast hiding the eggs. There's no just scattering them on the ground all willy nilly, we really hide them good! As soon as Ethan came out into the yard he immediately began spotting them calling out "Ball!" "Ball!" "Ball!". I trained him well.

The egg hunt was over much faster than I remember, but I guess that's just how it goes when you are older. Ethan immediately opened all of his eggs and shoved candy in his little mouth faster than I could take it away. He was so proud of his little basket of eggs! 

I cannot wait to do this again next year! I have a feeling I might have to have another little mini egg hunt just for Ethan Easter morning. Why not right? We need to start training for next year when he will be stronger, faster and hopefully not the youngest.


  1. omg this melted my heart. especially the part about how he opened them so fast.... i always just wonder what goes through their little heads...

    cant wait to do the hunt with Elliana!

  2. Awww looks like Ethan had a lot of fun. I have fond memories of Easter Egg Hunts too...hope Nolan has fun at his first one this Friday!

  3. Sounds fun! This will be aiden's first year to do it alone. I'm making the family promise not to help haha! And p.s. I love your top! See you in a few...

  4. What a great post!

    I love the picture of your family as kids!

    And way to go on the practicing first! He is adorable and I love that he calls eggs, balls!


  5. Love that he calls them balls! And that he was a man on a mission for that candy. No worries Momma--he'll be fine. We all are right?

    Looks like such a fun family tradition and you were a doll in that Easter dress!

    Hope y'all have a great Easter weekend!

  6. So we never did egg hunts as kids and I feel ROBBED!!! They are so fun! And, I could totally tell that was you in the picture :)

  7. This is the cutest story!! We were the same way with Easter egg hunts in our family. In one egg you always found a $50 dollar bill, it's all we cared about, HA! Glad to hear you've trained Ethan well. I expected nothing less :)

    Oh and you were such an adorable little girl! Great photo!

  8. So much fun for Ethan..and mommy! I'm getting so excited for Meyer's first hunt this weekend! Good thinking on the practice round. We may just do the same!

  9. So, so fun!!! We're taking BG to her first real hunt (well besides the one at school) on Saturday. I'm kind of beside myself excited!


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