Tuesday, April 17, 2012

These Days...

This month has been an overwhelming whirlwind of a month and it's not even over yet! I feel like I should probably give somewhat of an update on life since my posting has been a tad spotty lately. Once things calm down a tad, I'm sure I'll be back to my regular posting schedule.

- Michael, Ethan and I spent over 15 hours in the car last weekend desperately searching for a temporary home. I will admit that there was a point during the trip that I was sure we were going to be homeless or spending wads of cash living in a hotel over an hour away from my husbands work. We had to find a furnished apartment since Michael's company will only move our stuff one time and because we prefer to try to sell our current home with the furnishings in it. We looked at some pretty craptastic places including a one room "apartment" in the middle of a strip mall. That's where I shut down. And no it wasn't even super cheap. In fact all of the places cost 1.5 times as much as our current mortgage. Fun, fun. We did finally find one acceptable 2 bedroom home. It will be strange living with other peoples stuff but I'm just happy we have a place to land until we find a new home of our own. 

- I've been busy here trying to get our home on the market. It's crazy how much work it takes to get your home "show ready" especially with a toddler. I remember getting our first home ready to sale and even though we had several big projects I wanted to get done there that we don't have here, I still remember it being so much easier. Having showings with Ethan and I still living in our current home is probably one of the things I fear the most. I'd like to say I keep a clean home, but let's be real...there is nutella smeared on my kitchen table, dishes in the sink, milk splatters on the couch and toys scattered about the house at any given moment. Making everything picture perfect AND getting the toddler and a dog out of the house in 30 minutes to an hour just doesn't seem possible in my book.

- I feel amazingly blessed at this moment in life. God has come through on so many prayers including monetary ones. Seriously I feel like money is raining down on us at the moment from some of the most unexpected places. On the other hand, I feel very nervous about how the selling of our home will go, what we will walk away with, how much the next place will cost, how unprepared we were to sell/buy a home, how much simple repairs on our current place costs, how much it costs to rent a temporary home, how long will we be there, how much will we spend driving back and forth in between time....yeah. I'm trying to put my fears aside and just be faithful that everything will work out. God does take care of us.


  1. You have been busy girl! Glad things are working out though...I know it's hard when so many balls are up in the air especially in such a short time period!

  2. Busy, busy! I can imagine its quite a chore getting a house show ready with a toddler on the loose. I hope everything goes smoothly with the big move. Transitions like this always leave you nervous (or at least me) but I know you can handle this. And money raining down? Maybe I should head your way for some of that rain ;)

  3. I know exactly how you are feeling! Like...exactly. :o) We did the same thing moving from FL to TN. We had to move into a furnished 2-bed place and leave our stuff in our house for sale in FL. His company would only move our stuff once, too. It was such a stressful time trying to sell a place, buy a place, move to a new state, etc, but the whole time I was so darn thankful that we had the opportunity. It was such a blessing for our family! Good luck with your move!!!

  4. Envious of your courage! If anyone can handle it all, it's you.

  5. MY goodness you have a lot going on!!! I can't imagine trying to manage all of that with a little one in tow! Good luck with everything:)

  6. God is so good! He will continue to bless you all!

  7. You have been one busy lady! I can't imagine the stress of it all, but it'll be worth it once it's all said and done!

    It sounds like your faithfulness is already bringing in blessings! I know they'll keep pouring in :-)

  8. I can't even imagine trying to list/sell with a little toddler running around. I thought the BUYING process was stressful with her around? Sheesh.


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