Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Deal too Good to Pass Up

I don't post about deals too often,  but sometimes there is something so good that I just can't pass up sharing. Today while I was going through my daily email's I came across a pretty clever idea at Plum District.

Today they are offering a coupon voucher for Wittlebee. This is an amazing service that sends you a box of 8 items of new clothing for your little one every month. They promise to never send you clothes with crazy patterns or logos and you can always return or replace items that do not fit or that you do not like. The process starts with a survey asking your child's size (they do 0-6 months all the way up to 2-5 years) and delves into more specifics about your child's style and what items are more specifically needed. Their goal is to send you the basics (not necessarily outfits) to refresh your kid's wardrobe every month. 

I don't know about you but I hate trying to drag my stroller through the crowded kids stores where I end up leaving with a headache from calculating all the "deals" they always offer. This is a cool way to avoid some of that! 

Plum District is currently offering a $120 voucher for $69 that would provide you with 3 months of clothing from Wittlebee. That comes out to $2.88 per clothing item, but I also found a 25% off coupon (mom25) that will bring your total down to $51.75 making it $2.16 per item. You really can't beat that! Normally the boxes are $39.99 per month which is about $4.99 per item usually (still not that bad in my opinion) but this deal is fantastic!!!

Click HERE to claim your deal! 


  1. I saw this deal and thought it seemed too good to be true! Have you gotten anything from them yet?

  2. Not yet! Just ordered today. I figured at $2 a piece it was worth a try. I always aim to get E's stuff at $5 if possible. Not sure what brands they use but I guess I will find out shortly! As fast as we ruin clothes around kinda doesn't matter. If you scroll down to the bottom of the wittlebees page they have a link for sample boxes you can click that gives you a better idea of what's in them.

  3. I love this idea and signed up too!! Thanks for sharing...I cant wait to get the first box:)


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